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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fetzer: senile, pompous, fatuous hack--typical gate-keeper for kikes....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (but soon to be deleted, ho ho ho) at comments,

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Fetzer: Typical Lying, Incompetent Hack Who Recites Like Trained Parrot
(Apollonian, 16 Dec 14)

Anon, let me assure u Fetzer is miserable philosophic, a mere charlatan at best, totally incompetent as u note fm his recitations of long lists of details without any ability to induce (generalize) to more useful conclusions, esp. regarding Jew dominance of the culture, by practical means of central-banking, esp. in way Jews push their lies, like the "BIG-LIE" by which Jews intimidate the stupid goyim (Fetzer being one of those) fm seriously suspecting and isolating the Jew (and associated accomplices among goyim) conspiratorial network, machinery, and hierarchy.

"Render Unto Darwin" isn't bad for the first part regarding science, which is pretty simple, actually, logic applied, but the second part, regarding ethics, is the typical Kantian-styled shambles, pretending to "good-evil," based upon Kantian "duty," simply circular reasoning, insisting duty is virtue, crass question-begging.

So u see, Fetzer is typical academic hack who memorized the Kantian canon built upon question-begging and circular reasoning, duty being virtue, this out of altruist self-lessness, no reasoning given, just asserted and insisted upon, glorified then in idiotic "categorical imperative," etc.

In the end, Fetzer comes out mere SUBJECTIVIST, incapable of analyzing reality or even logic as Aristotle did so successfully, who predated this fat, senile incompetent (Fetzer) by over 2,000 yrs.
Naturally then, as one who builds his metaphysics upon an ethical "categorical imperative," Fetzer having everything utterly back-wards and upside-down, Fetzer abides by the imperative of "good-evil" Pharisaism, Fetzer slave of and sucker for Jews, but amazingly, willing to criticize "zionists" (as if they're any essentially diff. fm kikes) and even the idiot holohoax.

Jews don't mind criticizing zionism, but they don't like questioning holohoax.  Too bad Fetzer can't figure out if kikes will lie about such fairy-tale as holohoax, what will they NOT lie about?--Jews are liars who worship lies, founded in subjectivism.  Ck for best Jew Talmudic expo at

Evidently Fetzer imagines criticizing mere details makes-up for his pathetic overall incapacity for philosophy, metaphysics, etc.--that's why he has such fun reciting long lists of details in his moronic, long-winded manner, babbling on and on as he does so pompously.

Fetzer lives in cloud-cuckoo land if he thinks he can defend Jews and their lies, including their self-serving moralism, and not commit treason--for which treason penalty is grim indeed

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AnonymousDecember 15, 2014 at 9:35 PM
It's been awhile since I've read it but I remember your book "Render Unto Darwin" is a wonderful book.
What were the main textbooks you used in your critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and logic courses, if I may ask?

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