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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christianity is actually quite philosophic, never doubt, embedded within "religion" and aesthetic....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted and published at comments,

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Christianity Is MORE Than Mere "Religion"--It's Distinct Philosophy, Never Forget
(Apollonian, 20 Dec 14)

I don't know where u (see below-copied) get "[h]ow a single God is said to be composed of three distinct unrelated identities."  Doctrine of "Trinity" comes fm later Roman church theology and is NOT in the ORIGINAL literature, New Test., which is definitive.

There can be many diff. "churches" w. many diff. theologic understandings.  I personally think the Trinity is actually quite useful and not necessarily conflicting w. the original literature.  "Purgatory" is yet another product of church theology, not necessarily in original literature.

Remember, Christianity is first LITERATURE (New Test.), and "religion" then is the extrapolated aesthetic along w. the embedded, implicit philosophy.  That basic philosophy is extremely important--the whole pt. to the religion/aesthetic.

Further, one must remember the hist. circumstances, Christ preaching the original Mosaic Law, clarifying and re-stating--and OPPOSING the Pharisees and Sadducees, the Pharisees (founders of subsequent and present Judaism/Talmudism) having DIVERGED fm the original Mosaic understanding (according to Christ), the Mosaic also being a LITERARY-based "religion."

Hence philosophy of Christianity is contained most sublimely, I think, in Gosp. JOHN in which Christ emphasizes TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (8:32, 14:6, 18:37-8)--truth being the "ONLY" way to God (Father) and happiness--they're NOT "un-related."  And thus Christ = TRUTH, truth above all/any other virtues, the end being Godly happiness.

So then what is TRUTH?--as Pilate asked at JOHN 18:38.  Truth then must be something objective which corresponds w. God's created reality--it can't just be anything one wants it to be.

What then would/could be Holy Spirit?--well, it obviously has to be something "spiritual," and also Godly in its way, they all being co-equal.  So then what is co-equal w. Christ/TRUTH?--it would HAVE TO BE reason, but also honesty and integrity, reason pervading throughout both conscious and sentiment/emotion.  "Faith" then is simply LOYALTY to this truth.

Thus the Pharisees, pretending they (they STILL exist, don't forget) were/are co-equal w. God, imagine THEY determine TRUTH, the Talmudic "midrash" and "Oral law" "interpreting" God's original instructions--which Pharisaism Christ explicitly denounced.  The Pharisees, along w. Sadducees, then decided they would enforce their version/"interpretation" and to killing the real truth, Christ.

Hence the Christian lesson is TRUTH is OBJECTIVE--against Pharisaic subjectivism--this is basic philosophy of New Test. and Christianity.  Observe the present-day Pharisaics are attempting (and even succeeding) to "interpret" Christianity in their way--"Judeo-Christianity" and the "neo-cons" who've taken over USA.

--------------above by ap in response to below-copied by "Tawia"---------------------------------------

Veracious Poet said:
December 20, 2014 at 3:36 AM

Thanks for taking the time, Wendy. I understand many of the things you said as regards Christianity, which is only one of many religions. Facing judgement after death is a feature of many ancient artful religions. But I am not at all against any religion because man must believe in something.
Wendy, you can try explaining the trinity to me for the next 500 years and I will fail to understand it. How a single God is said to be composed of three distinct unrelated identities. There is a similar triad concept namely the supreme god, the divinities and the ancestors in the religion of my roots.
Now to speak of the death of Jesus, if Jesus is believed to be God and he died to save the world, then what Christians are saying is that “God became mortal and suffered death in order to save the world from himself.” Did I understand right?
Anyway, like I said before, I read many scriptures including those of other religions and I will put humanism (the desire to promote human welfare) above all. That is not to say that faith is not important. Faith gives happiness. And people can have faith without being affiliated to any religion.
Well, let me pause here Wendy. Thanks once again for taking the time. Merry Christmas! and next year, may all your dreams come true. :)

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