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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jew, satanist control over culture is cemented w. their control, ownership of establishment "Christianity," now "Judeo-Christianity," preaching mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeevin'"....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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satanic, Jew-Dominant Culture Upheld By Brainless, Cowardly Controlled-Opposition Like Fetzer And Tracy
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 14)

Here, in this interview show, we have a priceless meeting of the feckless, clueless gate-keepers, Fetzer and Tracy, who scratch heads and pretend to wondering at the "politically-correct" dictatorship which continues to hold its literal death-grip over Jew S A.

And this political-correct protocol extends fm a more general moralism-Pharisaism on behalf esp. of Jews, Jews, Jews, once again--even as the corrupt culture continues to shatter, break, and collapse about people's ears.  Fetzer and Tracy, supposedly "educated" people are NO HELP whatsoever for analysis of the "politically-correct" problem.

How did it happen Jews, leaders of satanists, have taken such a total and absolute control over the culture and psyche of citizens?--w. the help of such as Fetzer and Tracy, one may be sure.

For Jews, foremost satanists and criminals have accomplished this cultural mastery and over-lordship by means (a) of the corrupt banking system, and (b) the take-over, co-opting, and nullification of the previous Christian, heretofore anti-semitic  ethos of Western culture--HOW did this happen?

Take-over of the banking system happened as criminals and Jews took advantage of people's inability to grasp proper nature of money, an abstract subject-matter difficult for the people's grasp even in the best of times.  But the take-over of the previous anti-semitic Christianity was truly EPIC--also quite abstract for implications.

Thus Christian leadership betrayed the people, allowing Christianity, the anti-semitic religion itself to be confused and mis-taken for anti-semitic identity and nature, "Jew" confused w. Judean, and "Christian" itself mis-understood as derived variation/version of Judaic--especially for the concept of "faith," this "faith" now mis-understood as same as Judaic concept of "believing," NOT the proper Christian LOYALTY.

Thus Christianity became mystified and mysticized, mere matter of "believing," not LOYALTY to the real and proper Christian ideal--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any.

Hence Jews were able to pretend to championing REASON against the now mystified, mysticized Christianity, and too few Christians were left to defend Christian TRUTH and reason against Jew satanists, mystics, and subjectivists.

And now we see Christianity struggles simply for its original and proper IDENTITY as rationalist ideal of TRUTH (= Christ, per Gosp. JOHN 14:6) versus Judaic lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), the so-called "Christian" establishment entirely bought and paid-for by Jews and their criminal central-banking system.

Thus the old Christian culture of reason founded upon objective reality has collapsed and given way to Jew subjectivism and satanism, the culture dominated by criminals and mass-murdering psychopaths, as we see.

And the edjumacation and thought-control system is dominated by cowardly incompetents and charlatans like Tracy and Fetzer--who moronically imagine and pretend they're fighting "political-correct" establishment.

Thus the ONLY HOPE seems to be most complete and horrendous economic collapse which will finally loosen the overwhelming Jew grip upon the culture by means of dis-crediting of Jew-supporters and defenders like Fetzer and Tracy who are really mere "limited-hangout" gate-keepers and part of the satanist problem, not the solution at all.

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