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Friday, December 19, 2014

Jews are "smart"?--it's really just a legend within their own Jewwy minds, all truth be told, ho hoo ho ho ho....

Ho ho ho hoo--I really like my performance in this dialectic I produced on a Mark Dice vid at u-tube (see ref.), which started off on bloodline of English royalty, but then moved to Aryan racial theories according to Dice, who just muddled everything up, but he started neat dialectics though--I had fun, as u can see fm below-copied, ho ho ho ho

Hitler was a piece of shit, but his biggest sin was frankly speaking out against banking control over the world, which, by the way, comprises of a lot of Zionists. It's not racist to point that out. By pointing out that fact, you're not "a nazi". The top 10 banks are Jewish (Zionist) owned, and they wield a lot of control over the foreign and domestic policies of many nations. The nonsense about the nazis and Atlantis and all that stuff.. that's nonsense. There's no credible evidence that they believed such things. There's a lot of propaganda against Germans to this day because of Zionist control over the media and governments. To be clear, I'm not German, I'm not against Jews, I believe Hitler was a piece of shit.. but the truth is the truth and when it comes to claims about WWII, in this day and age of Zionist influence over our country, including the education system, you have to be careful about what you accept as evidence, what you need to follow up on, and what you need to reject. The Atlantis stuff is false history. It's a diversion.


Aaron: u're the piece of shit--unc' adolf was hero who fought kikes, and he stood up for white folks and idea of nationalism against a world gov. which would naturally be dominated by kikes and bankers.

+apollonian apollonius Hitler was against one world government? I think he was trying to be the leader of a one world government. Where everyone speaks German.

+steven brown Brown: do u have any citations or ref.s or any proof for ur moron statements?--what's "national" mean, anyway, fool?--Unc' Adolf was attacked, war declared by ZOG of Brit. and France, ignorant scum, Britain having made offensive alliance w. Poland against Germany.  Hitler and Germany defended world against kikes and bolshies who'd mass-murdered millions in Russia and Ukraine before Hitler ever got to power in '33. 

Just because Zionism is a cancer, doesn't make Hitler good. He may have had some good points about economics, but he went off the deep end and became a mass murderer. He was a lying politician. He lied to the German people. He wasn't a "good guy" you fucking morons. You do understand that just because you oppose one group, doesn't mean you have to support their enemies from 70 years ago? Both Zionists and Nazis are to be rejected. In fact, there's not that much difference between them.

+Aaron Kasparov Kasparov, u're stupid, ignorant, lying scum talking lying Jew prop., that's all.  Dear unc' Adolf was not mass-murderer, u lying filth.  U don't even know what u're talking about, just repeating stupid prop. u've memorized like the stupid punk u are.  U're the Jewwy filth to be rejected, u and ur Jewwy lies.

+apollonian apollonius you want citations? Poland (1939) Denmark (1940) Norway (1940) Belgium (1940) The Netherlands (aka Holland) - 1940 Luxembourg (1940) France (1940) The Channel Islands (UK depencencies) - 1940 Greece (1941) Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia) - 1941 Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) -1941 Egypt (1942) The ones annexed before World War 2 were: Austria (1938) Sudetenland (1938) Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia) - (March 1939) Memel (part of Lithuania) - (March 1939) Slovakia was set up as a German puppet state (1939) Are you that stupid? He first off invaded Africa then Europe. After that north and south America. Get a clue dumb ass. Why do you think NWO supporters in America like the Rothschilds and Bush's supported Hitler?

+DABADSHAZAM I wouldn't say he was anti Christ. He preached Christianity

+apollonian apollonius Hitler had created a one party state within months of being appointed chancellor. On 7th April 1933, Nazi officials were put in charge of all local government in the provinces.

On May 2nd 1933, trades unions were abolished, their funds taken and their leaders put in prison. The workers were given a May Day holiday in return.

On July 14th 1933, a law was passed making it illegal to form a new political party. It also made the Nazi Party the only legal political party in Germany. He was elected and then used fear to make himself a dictator


ap replied:

+steven brown Steve: u're stupid, ignorant, lying moron, and u just babble scummy kike prop. and lies, dumbass, gullible, parrot that u are.  Everything done by dear unc' Adolf was done in reaction to and defense against Jews and their Bolshevik murderers and enforcers--get it?--who had already murdered millions of white, Christian Russians and Ukrainians, LONG before unc' Adolf came into power, the German people agreeing they needed Hitler and heroic Nazis for defense of the fatherland, moron.  U don't even know what references are, stupid, lying scum.  It was Britain and France who declared war against Germany in 1939, fool, starting the war.  And Poland was trying to take German city of Danzig which Hitler warned he'd defend, Britain having made OFFENSIVE alliance, encouraging Poland to start a war--these are verifiable facts.

+apollonian apollonius you still did answer my question. Why did ford, bush, Rockerfeller, and everyother NWO jew support hitler? The Bolshevik genocide was done 11 years before hitler got to power. Do you really think hitler cared for the dead Ukrainians? He had his hand in killing of 26 million comunists himself. you gave reasons why he invaded Poland, what about everyother country in Europe and Africa? He banned Freemason if communist supported it but allowed it the lodge supported him. His rise from a poor jew who never did have a friend, went to the next day having 5000 soldiers, amazing weapons, and a Calvary of horses. Where did this poor jew get all this support and money in a day? Before Poland, hitler attacked Czechosolovakia, Austria, was this for the good of its people or the good of the Nazis? I am in know way a Zionist supporter, but to support a fascist like that ugly bastard no thanks. Hitlers housekeeper was a jew and he refused to fire her. The Zionist controlled bank funded Hitler. Maybe Hitler is a greater friend of the jews than you think


ap replied:

+steven brown Henry Ford was not kike, u stupid moron.  U're right, kikes and NWO funded unc' Adolf to start WWII--this according to Antony C. Sutton in "Wall Street And the Rise of Hitler."  Hitler cared for Germany, and that's why Germans supported him, stupid ass.  "26 million" bolshies?--Jew supporters and enforcers--u don't give a ref.  Look punk, all the other countries of Europe went along w. NWO, just like today, dumbass moron.  NWO started WWII, not Hitler, fool.

U lie and lie and lie--WHY do u lie if u're not Jew, scum?  Czechs were police-state which threatened Germany, offered alliance w. USSR, oppressed Slovakia, and Slovaks asked Germany for protection, and it wasn't only Germany which occupied Czechs, Poland, and Hungary did too to suppress Czech fascists.

There's no evidence Hitler was Jew, fool--that's allegation by Hennecke Kardel, evidently, who merely asserts Hitler's father was son of Jew banker and Maria Schickelgruber--but Hitler looks NOTHING like a kike, Hitler having perfect Aryan characteristics, moron.  All u do is lie and lie w. dis-info, scummy fool.

You say "zionist" but couldn't they very well be satanist or new age, occultist? I think you dig deeper you'll find exactly that.

+jaymiles81 From what I've found it seems to be that there's all kinds. There's definitely occultists, but there's definitely also Zionists. I'm sure there's Zionist occultists. That's why I usually  focus on what they're doing to the world and our country, instead of trying to label them all as one thing or another.

+Aaron Kasparov the basic cultural conflict is Christian rationalism founded upon TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost virtue (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies and satanism.  "Jaymiles81" is certainly on to things, and Judaism (Talmudism) is satanism, Jews foremost satanists, the leaders.  What then, actually, is basis of satanism?--it's subjectivism, the denial of the objective (hence determinist) reality, Jews holding, for example, that word of God in Torah (first 5 books) is merely what Jews (rabbis) say it is, interpreted by the "Oral Law" and Talmud.  Thus we see Obola, for further example, making law by fiat and decree ("executive orders" and "actions").  And of course, there are lots of gentiles sucking-along w. Jews and satanists, but Jews are un-questionably the leaders and master-minds, running the banking system, for another example.

+apollonian apollonius​ Czech a police state? Hitler was the biggest fascist, police state lover dumb ass moron skin head nazi.  those who made jokes about the Nazi Party were also arrested jokes about Hitler were punished with death, ya the Nazis beat Czech without a fight and you say they were a threat? God you're dumb. They were anything but a threat skin head. just read how much hitler was a fascist loving joke. Hitler wasn't Jewish? Well some other man besides hitler was using Braun's hairbrush. And a jew at that. oh and whats this skin head? 39 of Hitlers known relatives had their DNA checked. What do you know more Jewish blood. DNA doesn't lie Why don't you go live in some fascist police state, since you and your pathetic skin head buddies


ap replied:

+steven brown Hey steven: I can tell right now u're Jew--ONLY a dumb kike would speak in idiot manner u do, pretending anyone who defends truth, and specifically, truth about dear unc' Adolf, is "skin-head," ho ho ho ho ho ho.  And yes, it's mere matter of hist. Slovaks asked Germans for help against Czech police-state--look it up, fool, ho ho ho ho ho

I ck'd ur ref., and it admits it was only speculating about Hitler's ancestry.  All ur ref.s admit they're only speculating, moron--what a Jew liar u are--u can't even accurately report fm what u cite.  U're not very bright, either, as u don't imagine people will ck ur refs.

Yes, Germans elected Hitler and Nazis who were quite popular and who made state militarist to face the Jew-Bolshevik threat, Jew-Bolsheviks the mass-murderers who'd mass-murdered millions upon millions of Russians and Ukrainians even before Hitler took office.  U ought to ck the Jew Talmud which says it's ok to murder gentiles, that Christ was rightfully killed for blasphemy and heresy--JEWS ARE THE MURDERERS--look what they're doing in Palestine--look at police-state they've erected here in Jew S A

+apollonian apollonius​​ the Nazi running from the east and west like the true cowards they were. Run cowards . Run from France while the British, Americans and Canadians kick your ass. Run and hide. It didn't matter they were running home because Russia was coming from the east to fuck you up. the Nazis cried and ran all the way home, just to get it much worse from the Russians. Hitler being a pathetic scared little boy hide and took a pill, while the commis took over Hitlers motherland. No resistance left. Russia just came in and took over. Laughter in the air as the Nazi flag was taken down and soviet flag put in its place. Great job Hitler. The worst thing that could of happen did. And those fascist seek high fags were all done forever. And only heard from by a pathetic skin head public. Pretty low end of the social scale. Too bad for hitler the NWO Freemason that winners write history


ap replied:

+steven brown Ho ho ho ho ho ho--spoken like the kike liar u really, truly are, eh stevie?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  What u don't say is Germans were doomed fm the very start, planned by NWO kikes, and dear unc' Adolf and Germans could only do best they could.  "Low end of social scale"?--stevie, NOTHING is lower than Jew, esp. like u, eh?  Ho hoo ho ho ho ho

I'd say Hitler screwed-up when he declared war against Jew S A--which he didn't have to do--he should have finished off Jew bolshies in east first--could have occupied N. Africa too, taking Suez, linking up w. Persians.

+apollonian apollonius​​​​ so that's not what happened. Russia didn't get all of Hitlers land? Hitler did a great job turning half his country in to communist for 50 years. I guess Germany would have been much better off without that jew in charge. Amazing how Hitlers quest went the other way and the jews are more powerful than ever now. Maybe it was all a Jewish plot to begin with. the funding came from the jews. It must have been a Zionist plot to begin with. Hey put a jew in charge and pretend he's not. Then what happens? Israel is formed thanks to Hitlers defeat. Seems to be something fishy about it. Him being a jew and all. He definitely was a closet fag. He had a hot model wife and word was he couldnt fuck her. Haha. Just a pathetic gay jew sole. watch him speak as QUEER as can be. Moving his hands around like a little girl. if you don't see that, then you're blind.


ap replied:

+steven brown righto, kike moron, ho ho ho--whatever u say.  See, at this pt., u're ur own worst opponent for ur idiot, even psychotic lies and lying--typical Jew.  Re-read my above arguments, fool--Germany was doomed regardless of unc' Adolf, Jew bankers having heavily funded and legitimized Jew bolshies in Russia.  And I'd say it was all part of necessary hist. trend of power of central-banking which, once it gets started cannot be stopped till it all goes bust, US Dollar presently tottering, about to collapse--it was coming for a long time.  "[D]efinitely was closet fag"?--ho ho ho ho--whatever u say, Jew.  At this pt. I don't need to rebut further, ho hoo ho ho ho ho

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