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Friday, December 19, 2014

Fetzer and another doddering old moron imagine their stinking, idiot law-suit will have any serious effect, ho hoh oh o ho--fools....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (but deleted soon after, ho ho ho) at comments,

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Morons NEVER LEARN--Jews Suck
(Apollonian, 18 Dec 14)

Ho ho ho--I listened to the two doddering, senile, old fools babbling back and forth, Shanley and Fetzer, ho ho ho--so Shanley is gonna file a law-suit? ho ho hoh ho

Gosh, but I'm sure some folks filed law-suits against the Jew-Bolsheviks and Joe Stalin too, eh?--how far did those go? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

Don't u get it, u brainless, ignorant scum?--Jew S A is totally--TOTALLY--bought and paid-for by means of "money" that's just literally COUNTERFEITED-up on printing presses and digitalized, by means of "central-banking," dumbasses. Jews at top OWN EVERYTHING and everybody--All NSA data goes to Israel FIRST, stupid asses.

And didja hear a few days ago, Republicans passed all Obola's legislation for ObolaCare and executive-order amnesty?--NSA has all the dirt on Boehner, the Republican House leader; do u doubt it?

When u let Jews control the money-supply, THEY OWN EVERYTHING and everyone--all the lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats, police, and military--EVERYTHING, suckers. Anyone who doesn't go along loses his job, or if worse comes to worse, then they get assassinated--even the Pauls know this, Ron and Rand. JUDGES ARE MOST VULNERABLE of all, stupid asses.

How is Shanley's law-suit better than that of Sean Dix's?

Nothing--NOTHING--will change until, AND ONLY UNTIL, the monetary-banking system finally goes bust--that's ONLY thing that can happen for the good. And even then, after the collapse, Jews will make sure things are chaotic, the country probably at war w. such as Russia and/or China--aside fm all the genocidal wars they're already waging on behalf of kikes, u stupid scum who NEVER learn.

Observe here on this very comments section, Jews have classic "useful idiot," one-born-brainless, babbling the typical, stupid propaganda to effect governments are corruptible no less than human-beings--as if no one ever hrd about that before, ho ho ho ho ho ho

Patriots must organize upon principle of anti-semitism, hence the REAL Christianity, hence the objective reality, there being no "good-evil," Pharisaism and politically-correct moralism being that basic delusion upon which Jews take advantage--as we see in case of Fetzer, the senile, incompetent charlatan and would-be gate-keeper who works for Jews, though pretends to denounce "zionism." Ho ho ho ho ho ho

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