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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fetzer: a prodigy of dis-info, gate-keeping--technique is simple; he savages "zionism," but ALWAYS w. proviso that Jews are okay--clever eh?

Below-copied essays by ap first submitted (then deleted, ho ho ho) at comments,

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Fetzer, Purest Filth, Virtually Admits He's Scummiest Puke, Deserving SUPREME Penalty
(Apollonian, 13 Dec 14)

Ho ho ho ho ho  This interview (first part) has on a Jew fm N. Dakota, I believe, who WONDERS about what she was taught about the holohoax, ho ho ho ho ho--a lower-level Jew, sociologically (not of the banking class, evidently), who then challenges Fetzer, the senile, old incompetent charlatan, who informs her then about the Talmud, briefly though sufficiently, ho ho ho ho ho ho, and how and what the Talmud teaches kikes.

So we have here distinct evidence the senile Fetzer, mentally incompetent as he is, DOES nonetheless KNOW something, a good deal, actually, about the Talmud and what it teaches kikes.

But the dumb old bastard punk still lacks the simple intelligence and sense to extrapolating and inducing that Talmudism to Jew action and activity in general--what an AMAZING admission and revelation as to how his idiot mentality works--acknowledging the entire pt. and justification to anti-semitism--which YET, the dumb son-of-a-bitch piece-of-shit punk AMAZINGLY sets-aside, evidently, for his training upon strict political correctness.

The amazing mystery then is WHY the dumb bastard CONTINUES to insist upon non-antisemitism and political correctness--it just goes to show the ASTOUNDING mental-programming which this pathetic old fool has gone through, under-taken, and now voluntarily accepted--and further, to apply to everyone else too, we see, ho h hoho ho ho ho ho ho

Fetzer, u suck, u putrid filth.


Clare KuehnDecember 13, 2014 at 9:09 PM
FYI, Anonymous: even though apsterian's comments are being taken off here, his main gripe that Fetzer & even Shack are "defending Jews" boils down to the idea that apsterian is upset at Jim because he does not think the Jewish religion as a religion is to be assessed negatively (except in certain aspects where religious tenets are used to justify political Zionism), or that all banking problems, etc., are Jewish at root. Jim goes into what some would consider extreme positions on aspects of Zionism and Jewish history, but never smears all Jews by labelling all elites and perpetrators Jewish or "Jewwy" by extension, as apsterian, in his particular brand of philosophical and historical interpretation does, thinking he is being more patriotic than Jim.
I write this not to reply to apsterian, but to leave a general consideration for you and others who might see his posts before they are taken down.

AnonymousDecember 13, 2014 at 9:15 PM
Clare, if Jim thinks Simon Shack's research is misguided then he should at least point out exactly what Shack has wrong and in detail. Simon Shack posted a very simple question for Jim on this blog about two weeks ago and there was no response. It should be very easy to debunk Shack if he indeed is as wrong as Jim believes. I honestly don't think he's studied Sept Clues in detail but just thinks the whole idea preposterous "prima facie." I have more respect for you than him on this issue. Why doesn't Jim write a VT article conclusively proving Shack incorrect? Because he can't.


More Lying By Jewwies Defending Jews, Gate-Keeping, Sowing, Pushing Dis-Info
(Apollonian, 13 Dec 14)

Ho ho oho ho--note simian the shack is no less gate-keeper than Fetzer.  Why can't "anon" above, whose obviously a Jew, trying to deflect the dialectic, as usual for Jews, simply re-state simian's so-called "case"?--it's very simple, isn't it?--which is that all the photo evidence is suspect and questionable, which might be somewhat true, in certain cases, but which, however, doesn't change the basic facts known, there being other evidence than just photo.

Further, nothing gets done because, as Chris Bollyn pt.s-out (see, Jews (whom he calls "zionists") are strategically placed, the top Jews essentially controlling things, three kikes on US Supreme ct., Jews in all the top positions of politics, justice, and business, military being subservient to the political.

Ultimately, Jew bankers control the money supply, capable of spending practically any amount of money for ANY PURPOSE whatsoever.

Clare K., the un-informed moron, above, lies, as usual, saying the senile old Fetzer, the incompetent charlatan, liar, and gate-keeper, does not "assess" Jew religion "negatively"--which is false, by Fetzer's own, quite audible admission in his comments to the Jew lady fm N. Dakota.

So much for Clare K., the moronic fool and liar.  Clare K. is actually quite effective reduction-ad-absurdum for Fetzer as Fetzer relies upon her defending the senile old codger.

Thus Jews should, must, and WILL be held responsible for their satanic religion, aside fm specific acts for which they're found responsible, all consistent w. that satanic Jew religion for conspirators and criminals.

Note also "patriotism" only properly follows loyalty to TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH in the first place, against which truth Fetzer has offended grievously.

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