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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Do u doubt, even for a second, there's false-flag coming?--cooked-up by those lovely, satanic Jew scum, as always, as usual, as sooooooooooooo putridly predictable?....

Why/How It Is Absolutely Certain There Will Be Anti-Iran False Flag, Coming Soon
(Apollonian, 1 Mar 17)

Could there possibly be any doubt whatever there's going to be anti-Iran false-flag? Regardless whether Trump is part and approves or not, Jews and Israel are certain to be planning and will execute an anti-Iran false-flag quite soon enough.

For Trump, for all his pretense as "alpha-male," is hopeless, gutless, mindless patsy for Jews--AND JEWS KNOW IT, including esp. his satanic son-in-law, Kushner, married to his daughter who apostatized in order to become a Christ-killer.

For observe Jew S A is in midst of hopeless economic/currency collapse, already and long in gross depression, regardless the stock-market turmoil, and regardless Trump's pretended tinkering and propaganda in way of regaining domestic manufacturing.

And then there's the deep-state machinations, "protests," and rioting activity on-going, providing additional chaos and "back-ground" for satanic world empire which Trump pretends to oppose in his half-baked manner.

And observe Trump's buddy-buddy relation w. former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani who was integral part of the 9/11 false-flag master-minded by Israel and MOSSAD.

And when one considers the horrific perfidy planned by these satanic Jews as in way of this imminent false-flag, things fall into place, for example the otherwise incomprehensible endorsing and explicit publicity given by hitlery Clinton to Jewwy flunkey and flack, Ajax Jewns of, during the Presidential campaign in her infamous "alt-right" speech. Is there anything more disgusting and putrid than that stupid, lying hill-billy, Jewns, urging us to depend upon Jew-lackey, Trump?

The false-flag and subsequent war against Iran will further work to cover things for Jew and satanic masterminds of pizza-gate which have ALREADY been served by Jews in Trump administration who subverted the great White House petition effort for investigation and prosecution of the scandal first brought to light in the wikileaks e-mail captures. See

So Trump's greatest move and innovation was/is his pretending to "make America great again," and "America first" slogan--which is and was all phony lies in favor of Jews and Israel-first, as usual, as always. Otherwise Trump continues w. same old weak-dollar and deficit spending policies as pt'd out by Ron Paul, heavy military spending, etc.

Brace urselves for more satanic and Jew-friendly, Jew-oriented, Jew-serving perfidy and betrayal, suckers, just as u ought to expect, just as over-populated, dumbass, morons and suckers NEVER want to learn.

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