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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Deep state" is NOT losing against Trump--do u wonder why?--could it be Jews?....

Trump LOSING War Against "Deep State"
(Apollonian, 28 Feb 17)

Observe the White House petition to investigate pizza-gate was miserably subverted. See

There are other disasters: Trump continues w. heavy military spending, but esp. Israel-first foreign policy, pretending this is consistent w. "America-first."

And WHO/what is at bottom of the "deep state"?--Jews and satanists, as we see by pizza-gate scandal. Trump pretends, like Ajax Jewns of, Jew is just a variation/version of Christian, his own daughter having apostatized to becoming a Christ-killer. See for expo on Jew subjectivism ("midrash") and satanism.

So we see Trump is mere front-man for the deep-state, continuing the charade of "good-Jew" vs. the bad kikes of globalism.

Deep state wants war, and this will happen via the Israel-first Jews by means of a false-flag, no doubt.

Additionally, given Trump's policy of increasing debt we continue headed for serious economic and currency collapse--which will provide most excellent circumstances and chaotic conditions for the false-flag to kick-off the war.

Worst enemy of deep-state is free I-net--by which, don't forget, Trump was able to win his upset-election. So patriots must simply continue steady streaming of info about the real, hence anti-semitic Christianity, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). "Truth," don't forget, absolutely requires the OBJECTIVE ("God-given") reality to provide basis/substance.

And the primary practical weapon/instrument of deep-state is the central-bank cartel (see for expo), legalized counterfeiting, which then feeds all the subsidiary monopolies, Jews-media (including Joogle and Farce-book), public edjumacation, Big Pharma, etc.

And don't forget or doubt Jew S A is just an overgrown monster of an empire which needs be broken-up by means of states rights, nullification, secession, removal of IRS criminal organization, etc.

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