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Friday, February 3, 2017

It's like they used to say, "satan's greatest weapon is people refuse to believe he exists...."

Greatest Weapon?--Morons Won't Admit: satanism Ruling Now
(Apollonian, 3 Feb 17)

Thus we live in a "mature" civilization, according to CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West," filled w. over-populated fools, scum, and idiots, all suffering the "Tower of Babel" complex, and they won't face the satanic reality, including the fetid cultural, socio-psychologic hubris.

For satanism rules, the fools and morons not grasping what it is--extreme subjectivism, but further, collectivistic, organized, and well-led, at least so far. Thus the top satanists now seem only to be in-fighting among themselves, as we see Trump having over-thrown the heretofore ruling faction, the "globalists."

Remember the old warning: "satan's greatest weapon is people won't believe he exists." And we see how presently satanism is mystified and masked in all the idiotic numerology and other stylistic crap--but it's actually quite simple, subjectivism.

But the serious, pressing, and urgent problem is economic and especially the monetary system, the currency (not real money) collapsing, taking the economy along w. it. Poor fools can't understand money must be commodity, gold/silver being best (see for expo).

Thus the fools tolerate present fiat-currency system, legalized counterfeiting, which destroys and impoverishes them, allowing the satanists to raise-up their monopoly-system, beginning w. the central-bank, and as we see now by the GMO poison foods, poison (prescription) drugs, poisoned water, poison vaccines, and toxic "chem-trails," not to mention the toxic electro-magnetic effects, these all fore-going being merely the slow-kill methods forced into use, there being other methods too.

Poor over-populated fools and morons can't face fact many of them won't make it much longer, though they might otherwise have been saved. For satanism/subjectivism is idea reality is merely product of mind/consciousness, thus making oneself God, the creator. But it's too complicated for the over-populated morons to see the pretext of this satanism is that subjectivist notion of "good-evil" to which they're hopelessly addicted, becoming fixated at young age, so desperate they are to be thought of as "good"--like children.

Note the Christian message, this culture's original guide, given in the literature, is the idea of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence, by implication that reality is objective, such truth necessarily requiring objective reality as premise/criterion. But the poor fools can't and won't face-up to this simple observation regarding truth.

So some, at least, of the fools will have to fall, perhaps a great many of them, until the remnant, recoiling fm the great horror, becomes "inspired" to truth, necessary conditions and consequences, in order then to re-start civilization. Meantime things will continue to deteriorate. May God have mercy upon us all, and let us pray for inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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