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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why, HOW is satanism soooo incredibly, stupendously successful, winning, overwhelming?...

Brilliant Success, Genius Of satanism: Stupid Hubristic Scum Who Refuse Credit
(Apollonian, 2 Feb 17)

Observe the brilliant, nearly fool-proof success of satanism (extreme subjectivism)--so HOW does this happen?

First, remember how satanism begins to breed and thrive: the proliferation of stupid scum, the inferior off-spring of a successful culture/civilization, like the ancient Romans, the original generation being brave, heroic, and honest, BUT then steadily breeding-up stupid scum who wouldn't otherwise have been able to survive on their own, eventually and now over-populating the culture, overcome w. HUBRIS, imagining they're "good," fatal pretext for hubris and subjectivism.

And as the hubris of these evermore over-populated puke generations grow, so does the breeding-ground for satanism and satanists, as we see, now in USA (Jew S A), insisting upon idiot "tolerance" and "diversity," bringing-in Jews.

And note then the stupid scum won't ADMIT to the existence of this satanism--mainly because they're sooo stupid, they can't figure-out and grasp the simplicity of such satanic culture, subjectivism and fallacious, delusionary "good-evil," such idiot delusion (of "good") FIERCELY defended by these stupid ****s.

And too few of these dumb, brainless scum--as we see today--REFUSE TO ADMIT EVEN THE EXISTENCE of such satanism. Just as the Christians of yore noted that greatest advantage of satanism was refusal to believe in existence of satan. Today, problem is satanism, extreme subjectivism.

Further, note many, if not most, such subjectivists are easily written-off as mere psychos, but the successful element to such subjectivism/satanism is the COLLECTIVISTIC sort--as of the masons and Jews, highly organized and well-led, accounting then for their success in midst of the cultural chaos ("Tower of Babel" conditions), finally obtaining in CENTRAL-BANKING, legalized counterfeiting--see for expo. And see for expo on Jews, Talmud.

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