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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump: steady, consistent, typical server of Israel first, never doubt--it's same old game, "good kike vs. bad kikes," Trump merely replacing the leftist Jews of "globalism"....

Trump Shows True Colors: Israel First
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 17)

Here's short vid of Trump discussing/commenting on "asset-forfeiture," by which gov. just takes prop. without due process, and further, does this upon excuse of "drug-trafficking," And u see Trump for what he really is, just a brainless, mindless enforcer, Mafia-don -type, for the Jew world order, "Israel-first," regardless his brilliant campaign motif and lie about "America first."

So u see what's going: same old "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game, Trump merely nudging-out the "globalist" kikes in order to do some immediate business for Israel, like w. Iran, evidently. Trump is also keeping some pressure on Russia, his UN-representative bleating about Crimea having to be handed back to Ukraine.

Meantime, Trump says very little about the economic situation which is a total, absolute disaster coming soon with a huge currency collapse on the menu. Currency collapse, which is inevitable, means we'll soon be paying 2 and 3 times more for everything on avg., and this means we're all going to be much, much poorer, but who cares, long as Israel is served, eh?--this is kind of cold-blooded, fascist murderer we have on our hands in Trump.

So pt. I want to emphasize, as always, as usual, is the satanist problem we have w. Jews at top running things, as we see, and crux to this satansim is (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, always the pretext being "good-evil" for which lie people will fight to the death.

Thus Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), and this means reality is OBJECTIVE, necessarily, basis for such truth. Worst diversion for stupid puke is pretense that Christ is love, which "love" is only secondary at best. For FIRST must come truth, honesty, justice, and only then anything else.

And Christ is worship of truth, not of love, or "peace," or "good" (which "good" doesn't exist), or "faith," the idea that mere beleeeeeeeeevin' makes something true, which is actually satanism.

And this true Christianity, worship of truth above all, is only thing that can guide us or save us, even as it looks like many, many, many will have to fall by proverbial "wayside," the population of stupid goons being sooooo massive and over-built--and even despite the mass-murder and genocide which has been waged against them (us) by means of the GMO foods, poison vaccines and drugs, etc., all pushed by the oligarchs (monopolists) who ruthlessly use their main weapon of central-bank (see for expo on central bank).

What, again, are people most failing to see?--that satanism is simple thing, extreme subjectivism, (a), and (b) that this satanism is actually extremely effective, practical, and successful, which is easily verified, and when practiced on a collectivist basis, as we see when we examine Jews and their flunkies among gentiles, esp. masons, and then as they make use of utterly brainless queers--as in present "pizza-gate" scandal. Of course, the other large group of moronic dupes are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) scum, the leaders all being masons and/or closely associated.

Thus satanism must be mystified, as by means of numerology and otherwise cloaked in complexity and horror-stories, for satanists cannot afford it to be analyzed for what it really is, crass subjectivism--too many folks would understand things then.

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