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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hohoh o ho ho ho ho--EPIC MELT-DOWN by ZOG masterminds, serious in-fighting--they KNOW "pizza-gate" fall-out is FATAL, MUST censor I-net, but Trump is slow to co-operate, hoo ho ho oh oho ho ho ho oho....

What's Really Happening W. Pizza-Gate? (Psst, Could It Be Trump Not Squelching I-Net?), Ho Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 21 Feb 17)

Well folks, ck Looks like the top kike masterminds are having an EPIC falling-out and donnybrook, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho--and I love it, love it, love it--it has to happen, see. For Christianity is at extreme low pt., all the establishment "Christian" churches now totally owned and controlled by kike and satanic filth--witness the satanic pope Bergoglio, Jesuit filth, just for one example.

Ajax Jewns ( is flipping-out, cussing like I've never hrd him do before, totally un-hinged on his show today, 21 Feb. ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho--love it, love it, love it, ho ho ho ho

For see, at certain pt., this sort of falling-out HAS TO HAPPEN, the ZOG masterminds secure, invincible, and all-powerful, BUT there's "no honor among thieves," is there? Hoh o ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. And when u have Agenda-21 genocide, working soooooo brilliantly, the people being mass-murdered as by poison vaccines and GMO foods, even the masterminds at very top have to be a little nervous, right?

For here u got the "tax-base" of morons being exterminated and genocided, upon which these parasitical ("mastermind") scum have been living--wouldn't it be only natural they'd be nervous about double-cross? For haven't they double-crossed the morons, whom now they're merrily mass-murdering? Is it really possible for there to be "honor" (ho ho ho ho hoho ho ho) among such genocidal "thieves"? ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.

For there was just one little problem, wasn't there?--ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. And that problem is the I-net which is turned into such a disaster for the masterminds. And thus the pizza-gate scandal is FATAL for the scum. BUT Trump isn't working enough to squelch such I-net for the puke, eh?--that's why they absolutely hate Trump, right? Hoh o ho ho ho ho ho ho

After all, it was I-net that most made for Trump's shocking victory against the satanic filth, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.

So now u see what's going-on, folks--why top ZOG masterminds are falling-out and "melting-down," as it were, ho ho ho ho hohoho

But seriously, it actually gives us an instructional, revealing moment to observe how truly weak the real Christian opposition is, sooooooo impotent we can only hope for masterminds to falling-out and fighting one-another, so weak and pathetic is the real Christian opposition. People need to take heed, if they're smart.

The basic cultural, psychologic themes then must be Christian TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. satanic lies (JOHN 8:44). Hence patriots must understand TRUTH is founded necessarily upon the OBJECTIVE reality vs. satanic subjectivism, subjectivism being idea all reality is product of mind/consciousness, making oneself God.

For the pretext to this subjectivism taken seriously by so many among over-populated morons and goons is the fallacious make-believe "good-evil" delusion pounded into children's heads at early age--it's why/how satanism takes such inexorable hold over the hubris-afflicted "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus the true Christian opposition must take heed: "good-evil" is heresy of Pelagianism, noted by St. Augustine. And human will couldn't be perfectly "free," only God's will capable of such perfection.

Finally, note two things to worry about, still: (a) the scum trying to assassinate Trump, (b) regardless, and/or additionally, ZOG, through their Jew and MOSSAD buddies, doing a false-flag targeting the I-net.

So take good care, and try not to laughing too much; remember we Christians are still in horrible position, having to rely on the puke falling-out as ONLY hope at this pathetic pt. in scheme of things historical and sociologic.

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