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Thursday, February 2, 2017

satanists control central-banking, foremost criminal activity, hence all organized crime, much un-organized crime too, esp. child-trafficking, etc....

Necessary Significant Links For satanism, Central Banking, Child-Trafficking, Etc.
(Apollonian, 2 Feb 17) is a great vid showing link btwn the TV comedian, S. Colbert and the Podestas of pizza-gate fame. There are now numerous other vids showing the connections btwn various "personalities" and such as the Podestas, putrid satanists, all involved in child-abuse and -trafficking, proven and demonstrated by the "wikileaks." And notice the frantic and moronic activity to protect these filthy child-traffickers. Meantime holohoax-deniers in Europe are arrested.

Ok, but ur question is, so what?--what's the pt.? Well, the pt. is this: central-banking is run by these satanists; satanism and central-banking go together. Central banking is what gives the satanists their power, an overwhelming power to taking kids fm their families, to sending the older children off to war, etc. See for expo on central-banking.

And satanism is extreme subjectivism, idea reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making themselves God the creator. Subjectivism is foundation of lies and topmost, foremost criminal enterprise of central-banking, which is just legalized counterfeiting, the way satanists and child-traffickers buy, intimidate, and manipulate all politicians and judges--and everyone.

Key to understanding horrific power of satanism is fact such subjectivism is psychotic, practically by definition. But what folks don't realize is such subjectivism, if it's only ORGANIZED, collectivized, and led properly, is extremely practical and effective for conspiring to establish criminal networks and activities, the pinnacle of which activities is central-banking, legalized counterfeiting.

Thus dedicated and real criminals are ALWAYS and necessarily ruled and led by satanists, and satanism always and necessarily monopolizes child-trafficking, prostitution, etc.

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