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Saturday, February 11, 2017

What is greatest secret of satanism?--(a) it's soooo simple, (b) soooo successful, even in all the irony....

Great Secret(s) Of satanism?--(a) So Simple, (b) Successful
(Apollonian, 11 Feb 17)

Greatest secret of satanism?--to begin (a) it's so simple, just extreme subjectivism by which one's mind is held to be creator of reality, making one God the creator.

And it's interesting, historically, this subjectivism was the purpose of Immanuel Kant's philosophy, Kant held to be one of the great philosophers, his purpose being to ensure the idea of "good." And note that "good" is extremely useful for the motivation of so many people who do things they consider to being "good," etc.

(b) Next observation of satanism's secrets is it's soooo successful, even in all the irony. For satanism/subjectivism on one's own is often just psychotic and psychosis. But organized, collectivized satanism/subjectivism, as of freemasonry and Judaism, often leads to great success (for satanism, anyway), the great epochal achievement being the central bank which is simply legalized counterfeiting, literally, which all then works to enslave and genociding the people. See for expo on central-banking.

Thus note satanism must work sedulously and intensively to mask, cloak, and hide itself fm people's scrutiny and analysis, so it's made out to be mysterious and complicated especially w. idiot ritualism and symbolism which all distracts and diverts the stupid, over-populated and hubris-filled goons and morons of a corrupt society who can't think enough past their noses to seeing what it really is, in essence, simply (extreme) subjectivism. Satanism thus hides, quite literally, in plain sight.

Thus satanism's "power" is truly derived fm the stupidity and willful hubris of people of a corrupt society, "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. And thus the psycho-sociologic purpose of satanism is the reduction of an over-population of fools and hubristic scum, a kind of a suicidal, self-induced madness.

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