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Saturday, February 25, 2017

satanists, satanism more prominent, but are they more popular?--surely not--but they ARE power-mad, want war, working for false-flag, don't doubt....

satanists More Prominent, Surely, But More Popular?--Hardly--They're Power-Mad, Want False-Flag To Starting War
(Apollonian, 25 Feb 17)

Observe even that stupid hill-billy psycho, Ajax Jewns (, observes prominence of satanists among "leftist" globalists and advocates of world gov./dicatatorship, "climate-change" lies, etc.--see

But does this satanist prominence mean it's more popular?--I don't think so, even though queers, who are truly dupes of, and suckers for satanists and satanism seem to be a tad-bit more popular, whereas queers were more held in contempt, previously.

For satanists are scary and plainly psychotic, without doubt, deadly, treacherous, and murderous. And remember what satanism is, in essence, extreme subjectivism--the numerology, ritualism, etc., is all mere stylism meant to distract and perhaps over-awe some of the weaklings.

And surely satanists are out to terrorize those who are susceptible to terror and intimidation, as they do now, w. Ajax Jewns, depriving Ajax of the Joogle (Google) Ad svc by means of sheer monopolist racketeering; see

But satanists fool themselves and suffer their own hubris--as we see in this naked power-play they want to pull on Ajax Jewns, this all in their effort to control and suppress the otherwise free I-net. For example, satanists are absolutely desperate regarding pizza-gate exposure.

Thus satanism whereas practiced by lone individual is simply psychosis, practiced collectively and collectivistically, it leads to success and dominance in the corrupt society--as we see w. the central bank (see for expo). satanism also serves to bind together the criminal conspiracy, esp. at the top levels--as we see for the free-masons.

For the fools imagine they create reality, like God (hubris and satanism), and they succeed, at first, by manipulating the masses of goons and morons who are raised upon "good-evil" delusion, original pretext for subjectivism, but which masses the satanists promptly betray and work to exterminate as we see w. Agenda-21 and -30, the poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, GMO foods, etc.

So in this ever-greater prominence of satanism, as we observe, we simply we see the ever-greater reductio-ad-absurdum process in the thematic, operative hubris of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the masses of weaklings and inferiors evermore degenerate for culture and psychology, not to mention gullibility.

Next step is satanists want a false-flag to getting a war started, by which to exterminate the over-populated masses of goons and inferiors more quickly. Israelis will do one (false-flag) to compel their boy, Trump, into starting a war w. Iran, for example; they're working on it, no doubt. Patriots must remind Trump, much as possible, we don't need or want war.

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