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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ajax Jewns ( certainly has excellent case, BUT the enabler of this satanic conspiratorial monopolization, never doubt is central bank at top....

Criminals, Monopolists Should, Must Be Broken-Up, Prosecuted
(Apollonian, 22 Feb 17)

Jooooogle and Farce-book are gross, putrid monopolies, subversive, seditious, and criminal, and they need serious breaking-up. See Ho ho ho ho, but then so are the banks (monopolies), so is Jews-media in general, so is Big Pharma. And Jooogle and Farce-book need breaking-up and destruction, including serious prosecution.

But how to doing this (prosecution, etc.) against Joooogle and Farce-book, but not the DADDY monopoly of them all, the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting instrument? See for expo on central banking.

And don't under-estimate the subtlety of these criminals: observe Trump perfectly legitimately complains about FAKE-NEWS, but what then does fake-news (CNN, Jake Tapper, et al.) say?--they say Trump is against THE PRESS, a total and deliberate LIE--and a big lie too. See Trump is thus verified as being perfectly accurate--rather a subtle truth in the large scheme of things. See

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