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Monday, April 10, 2017

The false-flag in Syria, done by MOSSAD and co., obviously, is downright insult to people's intelligence--which Trump used as his excuse/pretext for illegal bombing....

Next Psychologic/Political Revolution?--Realizing Hitler Was Right About Kike Filth, Who've Taken-Over
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 17)

What's next great psychologic/political revolution?--it will be more wide-spread realization among the people about Jew-control and -dominance of Jew S A, formerly known as USA. For what's the greatest joke we've seen, politically?--it's Trump's pretending about "America first," which did well for over-throw of globalists and hitlery, but is belied by Trump's betrayal of American interests in favor of Israel, naturally, in his bombing of Syria w. the 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles.

For it's really Israel first, for Trump. And notice further how this moronic bombing of Syria came right at the time when the "globalists" and Obola himself were on the ropes over the Susan Rice spying scandal, using nat. security surveillance for political purposes. So u see: the idiot, moronic false-flag "chem-attack"--which fooled no one--was used by the kikes in favor of Trump's putative enemies, the "globalists," taking lots of pressure off them.

People are going to realize Trump's son-in-law, the kike Kushner, is himself a globalist-leftist--and I think lots of folks know all this already.

So Trump is willing to doing this idiocy for kikes at behest of his "advisor," his kike son-in-law, aggravated by circumstances of a failing economy due to that Jew-inspired criminal enterprise, the central bank, legalized counterfeiting (see on such central-bank, -banking).

And folks will understand how Hitler really was right about Jews all along: they're scummy, murdering, lying filth, and they well deserve extermination--no less than they're now trying to exterminate the Palestinians.

Jew S A now is mere "dog" being "wagged" by kike filth, through such as Kushner and Trump--HOW can people fail to see?

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  1. Shocker!--Trump IS a kike, no wonder!