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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ajax Jewns ( comes to grips w. Jewggle (Google), but still lacks for getting to the CORE of the real cultural problem....

Jones And Catches Google Censorship Attempt, Red-Handed, But It's Not CORE Of Real Problem....
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 17)

So Ajax Jewns (, w. some help (Cernovitch), has caught Google corp. working to censor the news and info, Google using it's MONOPOLY status. See Google now pretends, awwwww gee, we didn't mean it, and we promise to stop, but Google must be broken-up and sold-off, and InfoWars and Ajax should give those monopolist scum no mercy and should go for the jugular--prosecute Google to full extent, to having them broken-up and sold-off. And of course, same treatment must go for all the other such monopolist elements of this corrupt culture, society, and economy.

This monopolist-corp. activity and treatment by Google is then discussed in detail by Cernovitch and P.J. Watson at and

But people MUST understand the real basis and genesis of the monopolistic establishment--it begins with and at the top-most monopoly/cartel, the central bank (see for expo on central banking), legalized counterfeiting, US Federal Reserve Bank--THIS IS WHAT PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND. Central-banking is literally a criminal enterprise--hence necessarily a monopoly--who else is allowed to put out (legally) counterfeited currency?

Hence the only real, proper money--not currency--is commodity, gold/silver being best (again, see "Currency" itself is actually fraud and criminal enterprise. So the problem is the meaning of words, specifically MONEY. Thus the people are defrauded by means of this ignorance of money, what it is and why--which is rather hard to believe. But still this horrific scam, central-banking, legalized counterfeiting, gets past, gets inflicted and effected by the powers with all their means, the monopolistic ownership of the Jews-media and everything else that "money" affects--EVERYTHING--the police enforcement, the lawyers, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats who are paid-off w. this funny-money

So Jewns and are to be credited for opposing and exposing this gross, horrendous monopolistic treatment by Google, but we see they don't really get to the heart of it, the funny-money, legalized counterfeiting core of it all that makes it work, that makes all the rest of the monopolistic conspiracy possible, like the Jews-media, and especially the drug and medical industries which are mass-murdering the people of the world by SLOW-KILL means, poison vaccines, drugs, "chem-trails," toxic radiation, electro-magnetic as well as nuclear, poison GMO foods, etc.

Still, what's the "CORE" of this large, general cultural problem? For the problem goes beyond central-bank criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting--it's the gross, putrid stupidity and HUBRIS of the over-populated people who allow it all, the definition of MONEY being confused w. criminality of CURRENCY which is yet legitimized in minds of the people. For the over-populated people are the ones who ultimately allow and foster the criminals and central-bankers who then work to mass-murder these people, in all the horrific irony.

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