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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gosh, golly, geeeee, but little shit-heads can't unnastan' Jew-tube vids are being arbitrarily "de-monetized," and poor little shit-for-brains just can't figure-out why and what to do, ho ho ho ho ho....

Awwwwww, Poor Little Scum-Balls Are Soooooo Down-cast: What's Problemo, Snow-Flakes?
(Apollonian, 9 Apr 17)

Awwwwwwwwww--isn't it sooooooooo sad?--the poor little morons, suckers, scum, puke, and filth--"the people"--are positively crest-fallen, perturbed, disappointed, outraged--their stinking idiot Jew-tube vids are being "de-monetized" and some are even being totally censored and summarily, arbitrarily taken-down. Awwwwwwwwww, ho ho ho ho ho.

But geeeeeeeeeeeeee whiz, u stupid little bastards, WHAT do u expect fm a goddam MONOPOLY?--doesn't it occur to u brainless little ****s that's what's going-on? How did u think monopolies work, morons? U wanted a dictatorship of "moralism," run by kikes, and now, what?--u're not satisfied? Ho ho ho ho oho.

Why should ZOG (Zionist occupation gov.) support anything that criticizes it?--stupid, brainless puke? What?--u want to talk about reason, justice, and TRUTH?--how dare u?--no wonder ZOG treats u so meanly, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho oho. ZOG can't stand reason, justice or truth, dip-****s--did u ever begin to want to asking WHY?--dumbasses.

And what's the top, largest, most powerful, ruling MONOPOLY, suckers?--it's the goddam central-bank, morons--they're the "deep-state," suckers, dincha' know that, u dumb little bastards? Ck for expo on central bank, fools--get a clue, dumbasses.

For what's another word/phrase for "organized crime"?--would it be legalized counterfeiting?--isn't that what the/a central bank does?--isn't that what central-banking is all about, pea-brains? Ho ho ho ho ho ho HOW did u think the criminals control everything, ****-for-brains? Do what they like and say; u get moooola, right? And if u don't do what they say, u get jack ****, eh? Ho ho ho ho oho. Try growing some brains, dip****s, maybe u'll figure something out some day, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

So if u little pieces-of-**** want to go back to making money off ur Jew-tube vids, then maybe u OUGHT TO BREAK-UP THE MONOPOLY, EH?--stupid, brainless little bastard puke, ho ho hoho ho hoho

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