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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Never doubt: Trump is all about Jews, his only purpose, despite any "nuances"--it's Jews and Israel first for Trump....

Trump: Jewwy Liar Is For Israel/Jews And Their Lies FIRST, Suckers; Heck W. America And Goyim
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 17)

Well, Trump came out for kikes and their lies, including their religion of lies and lying at the holohoax center in Wash. DC; see And Trump couldn't care less about America, only how America can serve Jews.

Bix Weir says Trump has a "secret plan" which will "crash" the Federal Reserve; see But regardless, Trump will only do it long as it serves Israel.

Note back at start of April, Trump and Republicans had the Democrats in retreat over the Susan Rice scandal, using nat. security for political purposes, and then Trump pushes false-flag Syrian "chem" attack excuse for his firing 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, and we haven't hrd a peep about Susan Rice since. Thus we see Trump works for Jews, takes instructions fm Jews, and the Jews take care of their "globalist" agents like Rice and Obola, who disappeared for a while, but has come-back lately, now having given a speech to Wall St. for $400,000.

And of course, Trump continues surely one of the very worst lies about "TERRORISM," like that it doesn't originate in Israel, by MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, CIA and FBI essentially directed by Jews, as we know.

And of course, Trump IS a Jew himself: see Interesting that Trump would be one who, yrs ago, went prominently upon TV to question Obola's birth cert.

So u see: "America first," was brilliant campaign slogan, but it was gross lie, for Trump is a liar who worships lies and Jews, and what is Jews' FOREMOST requirement?--CENSORSHIP of I-net--this is real purpose of all the war-scare and -hysteria, combined w. the rapidly collapsing economy. And after all, u don't want to waste a good crisis, eh?

For note George Soros, another Jew, is actually close collaborator w. Trump: So why wouldn't Soros and Trump collude for more and further rioting and turmoil within Jew S A itself, and along w. the other war-hysteria and -scare, work for police-state and that essential censorship of I-net Jews need so much?

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