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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Think carefully, comrades: what's WORST enemy of satanic kike filth?--ALWAYS TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--HENCE their WORST enemy is not Russia or China, or even Cent. bank crisis--it's free I-net, don't doubt....

Worst Enemy Of Satanic Jews?--Not Russia Or China, Or Even Cent. Bank Crisis--IT'S THE FREE I-NET, Suckers--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 17)

People must realize the basic Jew game HAS NOT changed: Jews want to rule and to continue to ruling--this is their FIRST AND LAST desire, obsession, and commandment. Of course, Jews cannot do this, to maintain their dictatorship without the central-bank (see for expo), so they're going to go to war to mask the present crisis of central-banking--it's their continuing, nagging little problem, this crisis w. central-banking. Jews' bug-bears now are, (a) "globalists" (where u find the "bad Jews," according to Ajax Jewns of and (b) the muzzies, whom they call "terrorists," when it's Jews who are behind ALL the "terrorism."

By means of the war, Jews imagine they'll negotiate w. China and Russia for the basic Orwellian formula, East-Asia, Eurasia (Russia), and Oceana empires, w. Israeli kikes in command-seat, telling their goyim morons in Jew S A what to do, and here, they, aside fm central-bank, just have a slight problem for maintaining censorship which they hope to finesse by means of the war-hysteria--that's the meaning of wanting to put Julian Assange away or to shutting him up.

Never doubt Trump is a kike (see who lies and changes his mind--"America first" was merely the brain-storm brilliancy of maybe Ajax Jewns or Steve Bannon.

Jew filth imagine they've got things sewn-up, perhaps, but Trump, the liar, traitor, and flunkey for kikes will allow great civil disturbances in Jew S A in order to get the police-state they want to CENSOR AND SUPPRESS, the mighty I-net--THIS IS WHAT KIKE FILTH FEARS MOST--the I-net and real info.

So get the clue, comrades, and don't fail to preach the REAL Christianity which is necessarily anti-semitic (Christian truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, vs. Jew lies, JOHN 8:44)--this is the basic cultural abstract approach. After this large abstract foundation, there are the simple virtues, measures, and ideals of real, commodity-money, hence gold/silver, and states rights, nullification, and secession. Everything and anything else, by way of solution(s) follow.

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