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Sunday, April 30, 2017

satanic establishment built upon criminal enterprise, stupidity, ignorance of the people....

Below-copied by ap, first submitted, but then mostly deleted by kikes, at comments,

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Rise Of Satanic Establishment
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 17)

What people don't realize sufficiently is that as things have gotten going w. our dear criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting (the central-bank), by which these top criminals end owning EVERY gosh-darned THING, it begins to establishing the RELIGION of SATANISM, by which these criminal scum uphold themselves in Godly, MYSTIC manner--the empire-of-lies. After all, they (central-bankers and satanists) want to pretend their currency is real money, right?--that this criminal enterprise is actually good and productive.

Well, just imagine how powerful u'd be if u had a monopoly on this legalized counterfeiting--for it's criminal EVEN if it is legalized--it's still fraud. All u need is paper and ink, and nowadays, a computer. U'd soon enough own literally everything, even eventually, people's houses and cars, hence be able to control everybody. Gradually, u might have to cut-in some "partners" who would otherwise threaten to blow proverbial whistle on u, and eventually, ur worst enemies would be ur partners at the beginning ("no honor among thieves"). U'd own and control all edjumacation, entertainment, media, even the churches--just like nowadays, eh? And u'd have to establish a culture of constant warfare for purpose of "perpetual peace," etc.

But there's no "conspiracy," noooooooo--that's ridiculous--why would u think that?

What is satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism by which one holds consciousness/mind is the creator of reality. So it's no wonder the edjumacation establishment now teaches "climate-change" lies and "science of consensus," etc., not to mention Keynesian economics. Thus we have "Pizza-gate" and child-trafficking, the former Speaker of the House, Hastert, involved in child-molesting, etc. Naturally, the media covers it all up, as at same time, it slanders the enemies of this satanist establishment.

And this rampant, raging satanism is where we are at this moment, the satanism now heavily infiltrated within all the establishment churches, controlling the politics and legal adjudication, lately engaged in the new industry of organ-trafficking and determined upon genocidal extermination of over-populated earth (Agenda-21 and -30) by various means, outright war, and by slow-kill methods as in USA and West w. poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, glyphosate herbicide residues in all the food, poison "chem-trails," etc.

Note the socialist ethic is anti-individual, the individual required to give-up rights to the society, the larger whole, in spirit of anti-selfishness, selflessness, the culture of death, featuring altruism, the ethic of death and suicide--it's all quite integral and logically consistent for the satanic society, featuring warfare, genocide, socialist dictatorship--the empire of lies.

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