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Monday, April 1, 2013

Narrative founded upon idiom, this idiom manufactured by ZOG masterminds, pushed by "Jews"-media, etc.

Grassley going along w. prevailing Sandy Hook narrative is NOT good sign–Well Demonstrates the Problem

(Apollonian, 1 Apr 13) This (at link) is a very troubling article on Sen. Grassley who now indicates he’s willing to co-operate w. the NWO psychopaths and Agenda-21 genocidalists. Why is it so troubling?–because Grassley far too willingly goes along w. the Sandy Hook narrative–ck the link and the attached vid. Why can’t Grassley be at least somewhat critical and non-receptive to this stinking lie of Sandy Hook?

We don’t need more gun-control–on the contrary, we need more citizens armed and ready to confront these NWO murderers and psychopaths pushing their genocide.

Grassley, as many of u might know, is almost legendary as one who DOES NOT go along so readily w. the “liberals,” known to oppose democrats going back to the Clinton yrs. Grassley in fact, was/is one of the MOST out-spoken for outrage over the recent “fast-and-furious” scandal whence Obama and co. were found to be supplying drug-cartels w. auto weapons, AND trying to blame it on 2nd amendment. AG Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over related documents.

So I find it disgusting Grassley–who already notes the “fast-furious” scandal–can’t find any suspicion within himself for this equally putrid Sandy Hook farce. What’s the problem?

Thus far too many politicians, esp. those who’ve been in office for so long as Grassley, become co-opted, seduced, and let’s face it, just plain corrupted, eh? They end-up going along w. what’s called the regnant “narrative” which actually consists of an idiom–a kind of mentality, not merely a lingo–much like NYC mayor Bloomberg who tells people, well, (surveillance) drones are the inevitable wave of the future, so just get used to it, suckers.

So u can see the mentality (cultural idiomatic) we’re up against which so pathetically lacks the critical and suspicious attitude which is NECESSARY for simple law and freedom of the people. What’s ultimate source of this mentality?–well, it can get pretty abstract and psychologically speculative, obviously. BUT, un-questionably, fm an immediate, practical, down-to-earth pt. of view, it’s that Fed COUNTERFEIT scam which finances everyone and everything which is existential source. We got a bunch of CRIMINALS in charge, and they want to perpetuate their rule. Agenda-21 genocide is their program for which Sandy Hook farce was part-parcel.

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