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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weak pt. for Sandy Hook Farce: the Lanzas--just who are they, anyway?

Plan of Attack for Prosecution of Truth: The Lanzas–Who are they, anyway?–What's their HISTORY?

(Apollonian, 30 Mar 13)

Folks: any military commander will tell u–STRIKE AT THE WEAKLING (or weak-spot). Same goes for sports too. So what’s WEAK-PT. for Sandy Hook farce?–sticking-out like a sore thumb, w. a sign hanging, saying “kick me”–it’s the Lanzas, including but not limited to dear, little Adam, who died, u’ll remember, on the 13th (Dec, 12), ho hoo ho.

(1) For observe we KNOW the Sandy Hook “shootings” are gross farce–all the inductive evidence SCREAMS it–just look at the vids, all of them–ANY of them, not limited just to Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, or our good Dr. Carver–ANY of them.

(2) Look at all the photo-shopping and green-screening–it’s all a farce.
They won’t show us the real vids fm the “newly installed” security system, but they have the gall to show all these dumb vids, most of them packaged by the lame-stream morons of the mass-corp. “news”-media, like Anderson Cooper, who’s guilty of treason and conspiracy to overthrow US Constitution, penalty for which is serious business.

(3) And the VERY FEW little kiddoes who were interviewed didn’t hear anything like 150 or so shots fm an AR-15 which is EXTREMELY loud, only reporting they hrd someone knocking stuff down in the janitorial closet or “kicking” the door.

But what will REALLY do greatest damage to this putrid hoax and fraud is showing-up the farcical nature of the Lanzas for whom there’s NO HISTORY–do u notice?

For as a historian (or at least old history major, ho ho) I and u’ll quickly note there’s an ODD (but now typical, for this farce) lack of historical sense or feel, esp. for the Lanzas–who are they, anyway?–where do they come fm?

For we ought to know not only about Adam and his parents, but ALSO about the grand-parents, don’t u think?–why not? Observe Nancy was into guns, eh?–also she was “prepper” and home-schooled. So how did Nancy come to be this way? Did her parents take her out and teach her about guns?–did they have “strong” Christian values?–WHY DON’T WE KNOW ABOUT THIS SORT OF STUFF? Did Nancy and Peter have brothers and sisters?–what about people who knew their parents?

Why did Peter and Nancy get divorced?–was Peter too “liberal” for Nancy? What were Peter’s parents like?–so do u see how LITTLE we know? And do u doubt it’s precisely the object of the mass-corp. “news”-media (just think of that punk, Anderson Cooper) that we know so little about SIMPLE HISTORY of the Lanzas, who no doubt never existed? Why aren’t there any (credible) accounts of people who knew the Lanzas, INCLUDING knowing the grand-parents too?

It’s about time serious people–NOT the lame-stream, lying “news”-media–started DEMANDING ANSWERS. And it’s about time the police and investigative agencies started doing their proper jobs PROVIDING INFO to the people they’re supposed to be serving, and fm whose tax-money they’re paid.
  • Let me think about this one, some good points. To be sure, NOW, I’ll bet that ANY of those little kiddies who were interviewed would REMEMBER hearing hundreds of shots. Indeed! They’ve been worked on in the meantime, power of suggestion, morning meeting indoctrination, visits with psychiatrists who’ve put them on drugs, therapists installing “memories”. Newtown has excellent “teaching” methods – - witness their UNBELIEVABLY high test scores. They’re using ‘em now! (And for those of us who will push the tinfoil envelope just a bit, that new cell tower at Chalk Hill may have other uses!)
  • MB 11:53 am on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Aaah, but what can we say about ANY of the 28 “victims”? They HAVE no “history”, barely. It it just an effect of today’s transient society?
  • apollonian 12:20 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    MB: consider–our good editor and others of her outstanding colleagues on this blog have essentially PROVEN (by inductive logic and overwhelming evidence) Sandy Hook was/is TOTAL FARCE.
  • The interviewing of the little kidsoes have already had their fair opportunity and have failed miserably, indeed testifying AGAINST the media farce as I noted. ALL the vids work against them too, ho ho.
  • Don’t u see?–ANY facts now–anything–is bound to working against them–they’re on a DOWN-HILL course, the scum–as they deserve.
  • But the Lanzas are a PARTICULAR weak-pt., most telling, for us debunkers and truthers–the more we can make of it, the sooner, the greater effect it will have on the gun-control debate, (a), and (b) on other things, like how they set-up and lied and hoaxed for such things as Aurora, Co., and 9/11 too, never doubt.
  • I just got finished reading “The Big Bamboozle” by Phillip Marshall who was assassinated recently, just a couple weeks ago. Marshall pt.s out in his book how EXTREMELY closely associated was the Saudi Arabian gov., officials thereof, and pay-masters and controllers w. their cut-outs and patsies who supposedly hi-jacked the planes, like Mohammed Atta and the others–most of all, how it was then desperately covered-up by Bush and Cheney, the scum.
  • cossa6812:35 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Good post, Apollonian. I think the whole gun hoarder and prepper is all part of the psyop, and the latest information adds to the BS. If there were real investigative journalists left in this country, they could easily verify with receipts of gun range visits. Same goes for storing supplies for the collapse. I don’t buy any of it. Just because someone says its so doesn’t make it true. Remember the “uncle” who said Adam was on SSRIs? He was quoted by the media later proven to be a fraud. There was another guy who also made claims about Adam as if he was close to the family. He had to admit he only knew of them. Yet the lying media runs with the misinformation.
  • apollonian 12:41 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Exactly Coss, and note the search which turned up the books on autism, etc.–what OTHER books were in the house? Weren’t there books on economics and politics? Nancy was supposedly fairly well-educated, wasn’t she?
  • Police and judiciary scum better start talking turkey, I say, and presenting some serious EVIDENCE about things. After all, these puke are paid by our tax-money, and our Constitution is under attack for our necessary rights–they better be forth-coming for info that we DESERVE, which is our right to have.
  • LO PHATT 1:11 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    That’s right. Circling the bowl. Swirling, swirling………..glug! I find it strange that there were at least two other “theories”. One had it done by Germans and another by Lieberman. At the time I thought they were pretty far out there. Now they look sane compared to the state’s evidence!
  • Operation Gladio has more of a verifiable paper trail than the “Lanzas”. That’s a hoot. This is precisely why this has “spook” written all over it. There are little “synchronicities”all over the place. Did you know that the SSN that Obama uses was issued in Connecticut and used to belong to a guy who died at the hospital that Gene worked at? Interesting.
  • One gets the feeling that there is something there that has been around a good long time. It is said that the hospital was used in the MK Ultra program. It seems to check out. Over time, if you were doing a lot of undercover stuff, the area adjacent to your research would probably acquire a few interesting characters.
  • This little Potemkin Village has the butcher, baker and candlestick maker of psyops fully incorporated into the grand scheme. It appears that there is some reshuffling of players afoot as we speak. It will be interesting to see if they fold their tents or just change the character of the place again. It seems unlikely they can just leave things as they are.
  • apollonian 1:27 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Indeed LP: they keep “going to the well,” ho ho ho. And don’t forget how they (the powers) faked Obama’s b. cert. too. They just have no respect for the people–too much, I think.
  • What happened, as I noted in another posting, was they just got so brilliant (they thought) at drill-drill-drilling (as u originally pt’d out), they decided, hey, why not concoct something totally out of whole cloth and see what we can make w. it?–see how far it can go?
  • After all, they totally control the mass-corp. “news”-media–they only grossly under-estimated the mighty I-net. But not to worry, people (the fools) are still taking their worthless Fed. reserve notes in exchange for real stuff. They just get the judges, whom they own, to seal all evidence.
  • This Sandy Hook stunt is latest instance of their HUBRIS and power-madness by which they’ve begun to over-reach a little tooooo much.
  • “We GOT to do something” for gun-safety, they say hysterically and repeatedly–when there’s simply nothing that can be done, ’cause we need semi and full -automatics to overthrow psychopathic dictators like these grinning pukes. After all, it’s our right to kill tyrants, ho ho ho


  1. One good thing that has come about since 9/11 is that many more eyes were onto the Sandy Hook show right from the start than normally would have been.

    I waited a few months for others to round up the best of the information proving this whole show was a psy-op production and to put it into compilation form. I had been very busy and had no time to delve into this pool of lies. Many folks have done some outstanding work while I toiled on other projects, I am not disappointed.

    It wasn't until last week that I started to do some serious digging and found nothing but proof that the whole thing was fake, not only fake, but a piss poor fake.

    And yet, despite the evidence, so many sheeple continue to either fully believe it or don't even care.

    It's almost as if the producers of this show went out of their way to piss off the awakened souls among us.

    I played a clip of the actors circling around the firehouse for my young son, even he could see that the show was fake. We made a game of picking different people out of the group and following them around. What a joke. Even creepy Gene was wandering around, despite the fact he was supposedly feeding 6 little wayward "survivors" juice and cookies at the time. I was a little disappointed he didn't work in some personal holocaust propaganda into his tales in his interviews later that day; I guess that will be included in the book he has plans on marketing soon.

    From beginning to end, the entire show is ridiculous and I have only just begun serious investigation into this scam.


  2. If u ck the blog, u'll see they're focusing-in for a definitive debunking/solution, and it seems to be Lanzas are KEY to it all.

    Most interestingly and pertinent is dear little Adam--everything is wrong about his narrative--a comp. "genius," but no foot-print on social media? U never see Adam and his bro., Ryan, together--otherwise they look similar.

    Now they found a photo of father, Peter, w. Mr. Hochsprung, husband of the dead principal.

    All we need is one little dramatic thing to break things open for the people. For me, the 16 min. vid of P-conf. of Dr. Carver, joking, smiling, and clowning is absolutely definitive--no one watching this could have any doubt.

  3. I think you are right. I hope you and those who have been onto this mess and know all the details can use either the Lanzas or Dr. Carver to blow this scam out of the water once and for all.

    Even though creepy Gene is good material, his over-the-top stereotypical Jewishness immediately gives him sympathy to many fools who buy into the Jewish victim narrative repeatedly endlessly and ingrained in all but the select few who seem to be immune from Jewish spun lies.

    Here's a good video which proves that what was seen could not have been seen unless produced with special effects:

    100% Proof Sandy Hook Shooting Was a Hoax - Hollywood Green Screen Used

    Still, I like the idea of letting others sift through this kosher crappola and those of you who are thinking straight use the Lanzas to destroy the whole scam through persistence and precision.

    BTW in your opinion how long do we have before the collapse begins to really start rolling downhill? I know we are in the midst of collapse but when helicopter Ben is forced to stop his counterfeiting the bottom falls out, if he continues to print we fall.It's a lose-lose game, for those of us who aren't at the top anyway. How soon does it come to a crashing end?

  4. It's hard to say: I've been listening to P. Schiff, Mark Faber, and Greg Mannarino, et al. Note for the statistics, there's a problem for how stats are always skewed and phony.

    But they say inflation is easily 10%/yr now, and getting worse, so judging by other inflationary collapses it could take another yr to reach serious hyper-inflation and collapse, w. food-shortages, riots, etc.

    I also understand EU will collapse before USA, so we can at least take solace we'll only go after them.

    So be sure u got plenty of ammo, canned and dry food, w. water-purification materials.

    Most of all, though, note ability to make alliances w. fellows and neighbors is perhaps greatest virtue of all. So an ability to understand and practice dear Christianity is worth considering and exercizing, surely. Take good care; good luck.