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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax: The Take-Over of US, In-ur-face, suckers--LIES justified for "good" of "gun-safety," ho ho ho

What’s Next For Sandy Hook Hoax?–Expose The SATANISTS Behind It, The “Noble Lie” Which Now Trumps And MOCKS Christian Truth
(Apollonian, 11 Mar 13)

Well golly, but what’s next now for Sandy Hook Truth?–after all, the hoax has been pretty well exploded and exposed definitively–practically reduced to the comical absurd, eh?

I mean, after all, if the Lanzas, of all folks, cannot be identified, cannot be verified just for basic existence, then WHAT is true or genuinely known about Sandy Hook “massacre”?–aside fm the fact it’s huge, gigantic psy-ops?

Well, so okay, we can well consider and assume we know it, the “massacre,” was just a gigantic hoax, a “noble lie,” whence “good” and “moral virtue” trumps TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, as of dear Christianity. The Sandy Hook Hoax was done for the “noble” purpose of gun-control–after all, gun-safety is a “good,” isn’t it? Ho ho ho. Thus moralism (Pharisaism) trumps TRUTH and law, like the US Constitution and 2nd Amendment.

So now, WHO was behind the hoax?–well, we know the President of US (POTUS) was integral part, even shedding fake tears, eh? Ho hoo ho. Then there were the Conn. state officials and the Newtown king-pin, Mr. Halstead, to name just one, Dr. Carver for another, who REFUSE to do their public service jobs by releasing and making public the death certificates.

And there are other elements, aside fm specific actors and “players” like Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen–like church organizations–what’s up with this?

And now we get to the ENORMITY of it all, exactly HOW this huge, gigantic, monstrous hoax is being put-over, esp. w. the active assistance of the utterly corrupt mass-corp. “news”-media.

And now, for fullest understanding, we only need historical context: specifically, consider the “Franklin Scandal” (by Nick Bryant) of 30 years ago–they got away w. everything then, just like they’re trying to get-away w. things now regarding Sandy Hook hoax.

So it’s important to understand how HUGE conspiracies like Sandy Hook hoax can possibly get-by–much like the old Franklin scandal got by. Obviously, the mass-corp. “news”-media is KEY, but there’s more–the gov., including politicians, bureaucrats, and judges–AND CHURCHES too, don’t forget–what is it that binds them all together?–SATANISM, as we note fm the Franklin scandal–so how does it work?

Note then, satanism is ultra HUBRIS–pretending to Godliness by which they murder people, including esp. little kidsoes, the parents just pawns whose souls are totally bought and paid-for.

Thus the satanists uphold LIES above and against especially Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, which Christians these satanists hate and mock.

And what’s the TOP-MOST lie, fm practical pt. of view (distinct fm the abstract/philosophical which is much more difficult for folks to understanding)–which we can VERIFY by means of sense perception?–that would be the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam/enterprise/operation which OWNS and/or controls everything and practically everyone–for even Ron Paul is intimidated by means of credible threat of assassination.

Thus w. nearly INFINITE funding and masses of money it is eminently possible, even practical and necessary, for the Fed powers to stage something like the utterly, totally fictional Sandy Hook massacre which nonetheless is put-over by the mass-media upon stupid, corrupted, otherwise apathetic and TV-addicted sheep and rabble of the captive USA.

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