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Monday, March 18, 2013

Note ZOG Psychopaths are sooooo thoroughly single-minded for purposes/goals--get a clue, fools

ZOG Satanists Are Totally Psychopathic And Insane, But They Ain't Stupid, Morons--Get A Clue, Fools--To Save Ur Brainless Lives, Idiots
(Apollonian, 18 Mar 13)

Note satanists are totally psychopathic--insane, but in a stream-lined and nearly controlled manner--and one sign of psychopathology is the single-minded emphasis they're putting, as we see, upon dis-armament of the volk--THIS IS TERRORISM, comrades.

For dis-armament now is excuse/pretext for what's coming next--house-to-house searches for "illegal weapons," for example, as was done in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, if u remember--and indeed, if u simply remember history, what British tried to do at Concord Mass. during American Revolution.  IT'S ON, SUCKERS.

And there's a real satanic emphasis, very strategically exerted, if u only observe upon the pretext and circumstances for this satanic dis-armament by ZOG.  And it's especially well-dramatized by Piers Morgan, the scum at CNN who keeps asking, "why do u need an AR-15 and military weapons?"

Answer is obvious: to face-down and oppose a tyrannic gov., right?--but notice the satanic, psychopathologic REFUSAL to acknowledge this necessity, hence right, of and for the people to be well-armed, even w. fully auto weapons, not just semi-autos.

So the satanists' strategy is obvious as it's psychotic: they're determined to (a) marshall the small minority of morons and scum who are FOR treasonous, illegal, un-Constitutional dis-armament of citizens on excuse of "preventing" (which their partisans admit is impossible anyway) another "massacre" of little kidsoes which the scum pretend happened at Sandy Hook--which they've done.

(b) Meantime, satanic ZOG hopes the rest of the volk remain passive and flat-footed in face of this outrageous illegallity and treason--WHICH HASN'T HAPPENED.  (So watch out for nukes and EMP attack, ho ho ho.)

(c) And the satanist goal?--to intimidate the politicians and judges to now go-ahead and pass laws, state and federal, to effect this treasonous and illegal "gun-control"--which has only been partially successful.

(d) Another thing they've done, I note, is they (the satanists, again) seem to have monopolized and exhausted the supply of ammunition for the guns, according to reports, having bought-up all existing supplies and future orders--a couple billions worth, I understand.

ZOG satanists are totally, absolutely, completely insane and psychopathic, but they're NOT NOT NOT stupid, morons.  People need to getting a clue, ASAP, just to saving their stupid lives.

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