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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gotta see Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity in proper context--CYCLIC "Decline of the West," in hubris

Wise Physicians Battling Jew Disease Must Heed To Conditions, Necessary Measures(Apollonian, 17 Aug 10)

Incog: u hit proverbial "nail" pretty well--as usual. See, "The Stinking...," 16 Aug 10. But note the full sublimity of things, good comrades:

Jews are un-questionably most profound, sublime "criminals" who overthrow all law, reality, truth, reason, order, justice, logic, etc. Jews succeed as they "go big" (as former SecDef Rumsfeld would have put it)--in all possible ways.

For note Jews deny at the very git-go that basic OBJECTIVITY of reality, Jews advocates of SUBJECTIVITY (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) which they enforce successfully as they're so brilliantly UNITED, "connected," collectivistically co-ordinated--u get the picture.

So now observe how it only takes a couple/few million of these Jew scum (world-wide) to successfully MASTER-MIND this great criminal conspiracy founded (for practical purposes) on their COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), on top of which they charge interest. These Jew criminals could ONLY do this if they were most absolutely RUTHLESS for their ambition and conception, and hence, chutzpah--a necessary component to their plottings.

Observe then charging interest on COUNTERFEITED funds is like my breaking ur arm--AND THEN CHARGING U FOR THE "PRIVILEDGE"--now I ask u, is that "chutzpah"?--or what? Jews are truly masters of the "big-lie"--and they show how to enact it and enforce it--they deserve some credit, after all.

So u see Incog, we're doomed against these monsters UNLESS we genuinely grasp what's going on fm the very basic premises and principles of things.

For Jews ONLY TAKE ADVANTAGE of a basic delusion which is voluntarily begun by stupid, over-populated goyim--the Greeks called it, "HUBRIS," the delusion that one has become God, capable of creating reality (subjectivism).

Of course, Jews are subjectivists too (Talmudists--see and for best expo)--BUT they at least KNOW IT, and they make sure they STAY TOGETHER while all the others, the stupid goyim, remain "individualized" in their hubris, thus ISOLATED fm one-another, incapable then of either perceiving the Jews for their criminality, OR doing anything about it.

Observe the PROOF is in our very own US history, esp. when the northern states of USA genocided their fellow white folks of the South during the US "Civil" war. Consider the 10th Amendment (only 28 words) states, "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the people, respectively, or to the states."

So where in the Const. does it say states cannot secede?--u see?--the Jews didn't make the stupid goyim be this stupid--that they voluntarily mass-murdered their own fellow white citizens. Jews, like any parasite-disease, ONLY TAKE ADVANTAGE of something they themselves couldn't have started just on their own.

And that basic delusion, incog, as I've noted over and over for us, is the pretension to a perfectly "free" human will--by means of which stupid people pretend they can be "good."

This imaginary "free" will then, I submit, is the basic problem--which Jews, scum as they are, are NOT responsible for. We gentiles cannot rightly blame Jews that we maintain these idiot delusions regarding perfect "freedom" of will and thence "good-evil" delusion.

So u see, mighty incog, we've GOT to, like physicians dealing w. plague of Jew-disease-of-opportunity, DEAL w. that basic condition that allows Jew disease to thrive and prosper in the first place--we have to "stamp-out," so-to-speak, that prior delusional stupidity of our own which then gives Jew disease their "food" upon which they prosper so horribly.

Verily, it seems to be an intractible problem of CYCLIC history whence hubristic, over-populated gentiles must be removed by Jew-disease, and now we're consigned to simply "weathering" the great storm--though it's not like there's absolutely NOTHING we can do.

CONCLUSION: So our task is EXACTLY like doctors and physicians attempting to TREAT the conditions of this great and horrific plague of Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity. Infernal Jews KNOW they were decisively DEFEATED ONCE BEFORE in history--under leadership of magnificent St. Constantine the Great. All Jew-Expulsions after St. Constantine were (unfortunately) only local events, too little, too late. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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