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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jews and their agents and dupes lurk everywhere, working to keep gentiles in-fighting

[Here's someone I came upon (see below-copied) who wants to use bluster in order to "win" his argument and dismiss it--I heartily invite him to BUTT OUT. A.]
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Christianity Grounded In Aristotelian Objectivity, Pre-Eminent Premise Of Western Reason, Concept Of Reality
(Apollonian, 7 Aug 10)

I'm simply demonstrating power and potential of the Christian idiomatic/mentality/culture. See;topicseen#msg11511. "White Will," u ought to read the posts and take due note of the info exchanged before u pontificate upon half-baked assessment of dialectic evaluation and disposition, I submit.

"Christianity is not grounded in reality"? We Christians are responsible for first and ONLY successful culture-wide Jew-Expulsion of all history--and then other, local expulsions throughout hist. Jews absolutely hate us and revile our leader, Christ, in their devilish book of Satanism, their Talmud--see for expo/ref. Jews presently laugh and jeer at "creators" and throw their leaders in jail on trumped-up charges just for fun. U'd do well to learn fm us Christians whom Jews still fear.

Like I've said, Christ champions TRUTH (hence Aristotelian objectivity) and explicitly pt.s out Jews as Satanic enemy of all humanity, worshippers of lies, founded in subjectivism.

What Jews want to do w. "Creativity" is to use it to keep whites and gentiles in-fighting and unable to unite against common Jew enemy of humanity.

Christian "God" is no more than allegorical equivalent of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), that precious thing humans must have for life and victory. And "faith," properly understood, merely only means LOYALTY, that's all; Christianity does not encourage mysticism, and indeed works best w. REASON, this in accord w. TRUTH, but Christianity does not pre-emptively dis-own those poor souls who haven't extricated themselves fm bonds of Jew-induced mysticism--Christianity seeks to rescue them, much as that's possible.

CONCLUSION: So "white will," I simply suggest if u don't think urself capable of taking part in dialectic, u should just take opportunity to start ur own thread on something else. I want to co-operate w. creators. U need to consider who it is u really think u are, comrade. We Christians are "the people," and we aren't going to submit to the likes of u, "white will," who cannot even follow and understand a dialectic which is posted in front of his very eyes. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Reply #21 on: Today at 08:58:14 PM »
Xianity is not grounded in reality. David Lane called it an "escape hatch" because to a Xian any Jew can convert to universalist Xianity and be "saved" from persecution.
Creativity is no escape hatch for the Jew. Creativity is an exclusivist creed for Whites as Judaism is exclusivist for Jewry. Xians worship the imaginary Jewish tribal god Yahweh, or Jehovah -- however you want to pronounce it.
Ben Klassen wisely advised Creators to never get bogged down in debating Xians over the relative merits of the Jewish Book of Fables, as he called the Bible. "Dueling Scriptures," he called it. Creators minds are made up; we don't argue using Jewish Scriptures to make our points. Creativity is grounded in reality; in the eternal laws of Nature, using lessons of history, our common sense and logic, not "faith" in Jewish spooks and the promise of a happy, eternal life up in the clouds.
This "debate" is dominating the CA board and should be closed or taken up privately. Creators don't equivocate and move toward Xian spook worship; they come our way.
Whites who push Xianity do not belong in SPG. Sorry, Apollonian.

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