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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Both Codevilla AND are PC when they leave out the JEW connection/problem

Codevilla Is Too PC--Concrete Terminology Is What's Needed--COUNTERFEITING Is Essence Of Problem
(Apollonian, 31 Jul 10)

Yes good comrades: Codevilla's essay (see was Politically-CORRECT in its own way, I say, when he includes JEWS as part of the "country-people"--they're (Jews) not at all part of our "people"--rather, they're part of the very problem, without a doubt. See

People need to find out what Judaism is really all about--the TALMUD--a murder/enslavement program against gentiles. Ck for best Talmudic expo; also good Talmudic analysis at

But further, note there's serious problem for analysis of exactly how the oligarchs have achieved all their power--the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), which is a COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud/operation/mechanism, LITERALLY--see for expo/ref. on Fed fraud. People get confused and diverted then when the side-issue of "usury" and charging-of-interest then comes up.

By avoiding the word, "COUNTERFEITING," which is CONCRETE term, the Fed problem is kept ABSTRACT so that most people are intimidated for understanding real meaning and essence of what Fed is, COUNTERFEITING, again--sheer criminal activity, regardless fact it's formally "legalized" by a vote in Congress--it's still gross criminal activity just as murder would be, regardless if it was similarly "legalized."

CONCLUSION: And it's why Ron Paul ( also FAILS so miserably for seriously, genuinely getting the real word out to folks, with his brainless, putrid, almost senile intellectuality, keeping things sooooo abstract, hence non-understandable for most folks. "COUNTERFEITING" makes it CONCRETE so that even small children can understand. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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