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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christianity is matter of race--esp. according to Judaics, whose Talmud makes it so--Such then are conditions of ensuing warfare

If Judaics Make Things Racial, Gentiles Are Forced To Accept The Conditions
(Apollonian, 28 Jul 10)

Christ was Galilean of Judean descent, as I understand--NOT "Jew," Jew nowadays understood as followers of Pharisees/Talmud, as I'm sure u urself acknowledge and actually profess, if I'm not mistaken fm reading ur texts. See below-copied fm, "Homeland Security....," comments. So Christ would be "Judean"--NOT "Jew."

I simply adopt Judaic enemy's own terms, so far as it's convenient, they thinking in such racial terms first and most of all. Thus opposed sides consist of the Jews (Pharisaics, or Judaics), as they understand themselves, along w. all their accomplices/cohorts, including such as the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) gentiles and the fringe Jews of race (even if not necessarily of explicit Talmudic religion) who are loyal to the Talmudist-Judaics. This terminology, and distinctions therein and thereof, seem so subject to needless complexity otherwise.

Such are exigencies of warfare, it's practical then to so speak Jew vs. gentile. The "good Jews" of race, who repudiate the rabbinic-Talmud, then become non-Jews, or practical gentiles.

Christ no doubt rather sympathized w. the Judean "people" who were not Pharisaic.

Obviously then the "Jews" (Judaics-Talmudists) see themselves as anti-gentile, though for practical purposes, they're also anti-Jew (of lower-sociologic level), as u seem to pt. out.

I don't see how u can fail to acknowledge the "irreconcilable racial classes" which the Judaics themselves insist upon. For if they make themselves enemies of us gentiles, it's simply then necessary exigency--and justice--of warfare to treat them in reciprocal fashion. If it's racial matter for them--why isn't it also for the victimized gentiles?

How are victimized gentiles rationally required to hold to a standard higher than their antagonists and enemies?--it's mere indulgence and conceit at best to a degree self-defeating and even suicidal.

I don't consider gentiles are at all required by Christian principles to pretend to such absurd and self-defeating standards by which Judaics-Talmudics are now allowed to hide within larger population of Jews, in order to more easily, conveniently victimize gentiles. Gentiles are perfectly entitled by the law of war to "KILL THEM ALL," letting the "Lord choose" the good ones, I submit--this is excellent rule of reason which Christ would readily acknowledge, I contend.

But don't doubt I fully understand ur distinctions--it's just the exigencies of warfare, hence politics, are such it's not too easy to be too fancy and conscientious for heeding to these distinctions. For the necessary generalizations, invidious as they so often tend to be during warfare, do not lend themselves to easy and convenient choices all the time in all situations.

So what it most generally comes down to is TRUTH vs. lies; Honesty vs. Deceit; Objectivity and determinism vs. Subjectivism and perfectly "free," God-like will. And the core elements of these two opposed sides are un-questionably racial for character, culture, race, psychology, and ideals.

So while ur distinctions u emphasize may technically be true; they're not necessarily practical for politics and warfare.

Note some modern Judaic-Talmudics pretend to distinguish btwn "zionists" and Talmudics who AREN'T so "zionist"--does this make Talmudic non-zionists better than the zionists?--I don't think so--do u?

CONCLUSION: So I don't think I was falsifying Christ insofar as he pt'd out the ultimate fallacy of the Judaic-Pharisaic war-program against gentiles. The basic racial-deterministic metaphor holds up well enough, I submit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied----------------

Michael Hoffman said...
To Anonymous 8:56 a.m. [See below-copied.]
In your “CONCLUSION” you are falsifying the words of Christ. Jesus, who was a Jew himself, never spoke in racial-Nazi terms of gentile “host-victims” and “Judaic parasites.”
Your generalization, positing two irreconcilable racial classes of beings, is comparable to the teaching which rabbis impart to bochurim. Yours is a mirror image of their rabbinic doctrine.
Christianity is beyond race and beyond notions of permanently fixed racial enmity. The foulest and most criminal of Jewish Pharisees, Saul of Tarsus, was welcomed into the Christian fold, eventually becoming one of the most eminent of all the apostles of Christ.
This welcome and this destiny is always open to all sincere converts to the Gospel.
This is what makes Christianity so utterly and radically different from rabbinic Talmudism and all its auxiliaries, such as Nazism.
10:48 AM
Anonymous said...

Subjectivism Again Demonstrated As Essence Of Judaic Program/Culture/Mentality
(Apollonian, 28 Jul 10)
This blog-topic [See, "Homeland Security...," 28 Jul 10] regarding selective enforcement of Fed immigration law simply most perfectly illustrates my previous entry here (previous blog on Oliver Stone) for the thematic, essential SUBJECTIVISM of Judaism/Talmudism.
Thus Jews (or Judaics) do whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it, this for purpose of hegemony and dictatorship of the Judaics. Judaics REFUSE to heed to common standards with gentiles simply because it's Judaics' purpose to dominate and rule gentiles.
Judaics thus pursue and prosecute a blatant Orwellian-type perpetual WAR STRATEGY/program against gentiles for the enslavement and extermination of gentiles.
CONCLUSION: Christ, of course, pt'd out the fatal flaw to this strategy/program, for when the gentile host-victims are substantially reduced, then the Judaic parasites, who lived upon such gentile host-victims must themselves begin to fall-out w. one another and begin reducing. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
8:56 AM

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