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Friday, July 16, 2010

COUNTERFEIT Conspiracy is kept hidden within abstraction-complex of "banking" and "usury"--but "counterfeiting" makes it CONCRETE

"Tower-Of-Babel" Confusion Keeps People (Poor Dumb Bastards) From Achieving Unity
(Apollonian, 16 Jul 10)

Surely one of the greatest problems for poor, victimized people today is the "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome by which people can't get together as they can't even understand one another, they so pathetically talking past one another--as if they're speaking different languages. Irony is they speak same ostensive language--it's the actual thought-process which is subverted.

For the most part, this gross lack of understanding is because people use words, meanings of which they don't really, fully understand--especially words denoting tremendous abstractions, like "capitalism"--does anyone really have clear understanding for what it means?--do people have an adequate common understanding for such complex abstraction, "capitalism"?--truth is that very, very, very few do.

So observe: (a) we have criminals ruling, at the top of our society, the so-called "bankers," running this Fed COUNTERFEIT scam--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

(b) Fed counterfeiters then simply pay, bribe, and extort the US Congress and Senate to doing whatever they tell them--same goes for the judicial system, judges, and lawyers. In fact, note this counterfeiting pervades the entire culture, necessarily, including the education system and then even to the establishment churches. Eventually counterfeiters must end controlling everything.

(c) Further, the "Jews-media" (see keeps the people diverted, confused, and dis-informed--and this system all works with absolute PERFECTION--so far, anyway.

Thus to make an otherwise long and detailed exposition short, we see people need merely understand, after everything else said and done, the Fed is COUNTERFEITING. And counterfeiting is an obviously CRIMINAL activity, thus demonstrating necessarily the CONSPIRATORIAL nature of the Fed, ipso facto. Q.E.D.

But wait--isn't this counterfeiting made legal, therefore acceptable, by Congress?--NO--for just as murder is still murder, regardless the cover of legalism, so is criminality of counterfeiting.

For so far, people have been horribly confused over this money and banking subject, esp. by means of the topic of "usury" and "interest-payment"--which is mere side issue.

CONCLUSION: Great beauty of the word, "COUNTERFEITING," is that even children can easily understand its meaning and effects. For "counterfeiting," the word, renders the Fed to be understandable, "counterfeiting," the word, making things MOST CONCRETE for the understanding, removing it fm the vague and foggy world of abstractions. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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