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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pundits are shocked--SHOCKED, I say--that Israelis have no respect for hubristic, hedonistic morons pretending to moralism

Israelis, Jews Dominate Simply Because Of Masses Of Money--Which They Just COUNTERFEIT Up--While Stupid Gentiles Indulge In Moralism
(Apollonian, 22 Jul 10)
Chris: I have to admit I'm a little disappointed w. ur response to the blog-topic story by Raimondo. See, "Netanyahu Tape...," 22 Jul 10. For u utterly fail to sum Raimondo up for proper object of his story and commentary.

For it's incredibly simple why/how Israel soooooooo dominates stupid, brainless, hedonistic, hubristic sheep of USA--THEY JUST BUY EVERYTHING and everyone they need by means of COUNTERFEITED money printed up by US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

And u CERTAINLY DON'T help, brother Chris--though u do rather point somewhat to necessary solution. For USA is like Roman Empire in midst of its infamous "Crisis of Third Century," which was only salvaged and rescued by means of that magnificent Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, featuring then JEW-EXPULSION--yes, another one.

For if now u look and consider, surely the greatest obstruction to necessary, regenerating, reviving Jew-Expulsion is "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was/is "Jew" (hence Talmudist, which Talmud he explicitly denounced at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

And why Chris?--what is ur problem?--I submit it's ur befuddled, mystified fascination with moralism-Pharisaism by which u pretend to "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism), this based upon further fallacy/delusion of a perfectly "free" human will.

Thus u fail so horribly for necessary duty of emphasizing for our poor, dear people necessity of looking to and seeing simple CONCRETE problem of afore-mentioned COUNTERFEITING which gives the Jews and co-conspirators all their power.

For that is ur greatest sin, bro. Chris, urs and that of so many others, like Ron Paul too, within our horribly doooooooooomed society, this gross hubris and willful ignoring of simple, CONCRETE truth and reality (COUNTERFEITING) in the stead of pretending u're "good" and "moral."

CONCLUSION: For u're nothing at all whatever but a dog-goned SINNER, and that's all u'll ever be--and ur basic failure is that of HONESTY and heeding to simple CONCRETE reality--which even children could otherwise understand but won't unless their attn is directed by responsible adults like u, who are otherwise fascinated and obsessed w. pretentious vanity, like moralism-Pharisaism. U're due for a long time in purgatory, comrade Chris, atoning for ur sin of narcissism, hubristically pretending u can be "good." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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