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Thursday, July 8, 2010

"James Blood," Jew-like Liar, thief, subverter, now "spins" episode regarding former site

Psycho, Criminal "Blood" Lies Like Jew--How Is He Any Better?--Different?
(Apollonian, 8 Jul 10)

I note now "James Blood," with whom I formerly collaborated at has a story (dated 7 Jul 10, consisting of Jew-like lies) up at his site regarding the episode of our former collaboration. I don't think I really need to add any details for what I've already noted (see below-copied account previously sent to correspondent--see also previous entry-posts, this blog, for Jun 1 and 3). It's only important, I think, to observe the Jew-like lying and CRIMINALITY which Blood is now engaged in:

(a) Blood himself subverted the site,, on 1 Jun 10, just over a month ago, simply taking it off-line--A CRIMINAL ACT. I immediately (that very day I found site went down, Jun 1st) sent him a msg, for which I rec'd no responding error-msg, so I'm sure he got the msg, informing him site was down and that I strongly suspected IT WASN'T JEWS AT ALL WHO DID IT--rather it was he himself.

(b) And I never hrd back fm Blood--he not denying he was very person who TOOK DOWN the site.

(c) So this is important thing to understand about Blood--HE'S NO DIFFERENT FM JEW for way he operates, like criminal thief, fraud, subverter, and liar. Copied below are notes I sent upon the subject-matter which surely cover all the necessary main pts.

(d) I note also the un-charitable remarks made in "comments" section of Blood's blog--BUT what these people are not considering is the CRIMINAL acts perpetrated by Blood, not to mention the Jew-like lying he's now doing. For example, Blood says the site was "run into ground"--but it was actually taken off-line on Jun 1st, just over a month ago--and this was done by Blood himself.

* * * * * * * * * *

[Below-copied msg was sent to correspondent on 27 Jun 10.]

Thanks much for ur prompt response and information. I first made notes, capped and bracketed, below-copied, within ur text in order to make sure to respond to particular pt.s u make, even if only very generally and briefly. If I think of anything further, I'll be sure to send u another msg or note. [Ed.'s note: "notes," aforementioned, are omitted for this blog-entry. A.]

But I guess we've pretty much covered everything. Here's how I've analyzed "James Blood" so far, based upon my own info, having worked w. the character over about a year now.

(a) I think Blood is sincerely anti-semitic (anti-Jew--I use their own phrase so they understand exactly where I'm coming fm), and that this is founded fm deep source within him--a real, genuine "gut"-type feeling and impression.

(b) But I think Blood then uses this genuine anti-semitism of his in a very self-righteous way, Blood himself being so weak for his own reasoning powers. And it isn't that I think Blood is stupid--he's just somehow very under-developed and little-exercised for his reasoning ability, and has now become actually quite sensitive about it.

(c) Thus Blood has built himself up in his own mind as a kind of HERO and martyr filled w. self-righteousness, and this is why he so often comes off as a self-righteous bully when he speaks out to the world pretending everyone else is so weak--it covers his own weakness for logic, for one thing--even though he's so largely right, I think, for people's genuine cowardice when it comes to Jew issue.

(d) Thus Blood has come to have such serious difficulty in working w. other people, having such difficulty for conscious reasoning. It seems now that his "crusade" against Jews has become his own little private affair so much within his own mind.

(e) Blood's self-righteousness has grown to the pt. where he finds it expedient and useful to commit literal criminal fraud and lying no less than the Jews he pretends to oppose. For as I say again, he explicitly gave the site,, over to my ownership--yet now literally steals it back, lying, committing fraud, theft, and criminal damage, as I note.

(f) So my tentative assessment then is Blood has become at least mildly psychotic, imagining he can seriously get away w. such lying and actual criminal activity--he considers it is all justified, I'm sure, in his "holy war" he imagines within his mind which is so un-balanced. I don't think he's insane--but he surely has a serious problem, without a doubt which he really should see to resolving--otherwise his self-righteousness may lead to more tragic consequences and end in manner of poor Curt Maynard, I fear.

So I don't intend to collaborate w. him any further--he's just too erratic and un-reliable, aside now fm being an actual criminal (as far as I'm concerned). He's willing to lie like a Jew--so how is he any better or different than Jew? Every time (THREE different times now) I made any progress going forward w. publishing my material (at which I was ALWAYS successful), this stupid scum found a way and excuse to subvert the site and taking it over. I'm finished wasting my time w. the brainless scum, stupid punk.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Below-copied note was sent by me 26 Jun 10.]


I thought I'd contact u regarding my little story for site, such as it is, as u might find it interesting and/or useful. I'll try to keep to facts which are verifiable.

As u might know about me, I used to work with this character whom I only knew over I-net as "James Blood," with whom, I was told by him, u also used to work with.

I began at first by submitting essays, and little by little, this "James" person would feature my essays on his blog which at first was known as "Jew List"--this was about a year ago. Incidentally, I first came to learn about Jew List fm the link u had on ur own site. I'd first learned of ur own Subverted Nation site fm a link which was on Curt Maynard's site--Maynard now dead fm suicide (back in April, I understand), as u might know.

I last contacted u back in February this yr, I believe, inquiring whether u'd hrd anything fm this James Blood; u indicated u hadn't. I then re-established contact w. Blood, and we resumed collaboration. My only purpose was to get my material published.

Blood told me he couldn't continue to tolerate the Christian-styled line I feature--at least as it regarded his own collaboration. So he told me to take-over the site,, which I did, this no less than three different times, the first back in Feb. just before I last contacted u. Blood then took-over control of the site which he'd given to me, but then commandeered.

Next episode came in mid-May, just last month, when he again hi-jacked the site back to his control--though it was with my own consent as I didn't really feel like I really knew enough about blogging mechanics, and I let him keep the admin prerogatives w. pass-word, etc. Aside fm these facts, he also paid for the blog.

When he then gave over the blog to me the third time, about the last week of May, last month, I made sure to change the password as well as his status (he himself had urged me to doing this) fm admin to subscriber.

I realized that there are practically NO websites whatsover that are un-compromisingly anti-semitic (meaning anti-Jew--I just use their own phrase for this), so I had to try to keep control of

So Blood continued to post comments--which now I answered. Blood then dis-abled the site on Jun 1st, this month. He obviously couldn't do such dis-abling without necessary pass-word, so evidently he went and simply took advantage of his ownership and had the site taken off-line fm the ISP source.

Somehow, he's now managed to put the site back up, same address as before,, and he's posted this msg at the top of his latest post for that site:

"Sorry folks for being offline for so long, I have been busy with my life. I gave this site Apollonian who thoroughly ran it into the ground. I waited a month while it was offline to see if he was going to fix his mess and he didn’t so..I guess he just couldn’t cut the fucking mustard and now he’s fucking fired."

So anyway, for what it's worth, I just wanted to keep the record straight. I don't know what he means about running site "into ground" (in other words, he's just lying--like a Jew). I only had sole control of site for about a week, and I posted my usual essays--this until suddenly I found site was taken off line.

So anyway, I thank u for all ur attn to my little story, in case u find it interesting. I don't pretend to know what anyone can do about any of this. But the significant thing is the behavior of this character, "James Blood," who pretends to be anti-Jew--but who then lies, like a Jew, and actually commits theft, fraud, and criminal damage.

Still, I have to admit "damage" isn't that much as I surely wouldn't have had any site in first place without it being given to me by this otherwise incompetent creature, Blood. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian



  1. Here is fairly detailed refutation of blog at, "The Pepsi Challenge," 7 Jul 10:

    1st para: I was "wronged" as the site was MINE, owned by me, this being simply the deal proposed by Blood, to getting me to take over site, and accepted by me--the deal was done, period. So note Blood is simply a criminal thief, liar (fraud), and saboteur.

    2nd: Note now Blood admits he "gave" me the site. So the site is mine, period. Regarding Christianity, Blood admitted it had merit for appeal to great many people, "Judeo-Christians" (JCs) absolutely essential to Judeo-conspiracy, without whom Jews cannot do, never doubt.

    3rd: I'm not too interested in adding pictures to the text, though I'm willing to doing it if it's not too much trouble. I simply asked Blood HOW it was done (which doesn't seem it should be that difficult), but, get this, Blood couldn't explain it in his own words. He rather wanted me to connect w. him on Skype internet phone connection--which I didn't want to bother doing. I simply demanded he write it down in black and white so I could refer back to it as I deemed necessary.

    4th: Note written text is main, essential thing, pictures are good for added attractiveness, but if little babies cannot do without pictures, they're DEAD anyway. Written text is what I'm most adept at doing, so I stick w. that.

    5th: Note again Blood admits to his criminal activity, illegally taking site out of my hands. I say he's liar anyway: he really simply resented my criticism of his stupid comments he idiotically submitted--that's all. The moron is so out-of-control w. his own emotions he decided to heck w. it all and went ahead to commit criminal act--JUST LIKE A JEW.

    6th: Blood now says I attacked "big-name people"--actually, I attacked what they said and wrote, like Prof. K. MacDonald, and my writing speaks for itself. Essay is (ck any dictionary) simply a somewhat detailed argument beginning w. premises working to conclusion--which Blood knows so little about, in all truth. Blood, like a female, only seems to be able to asserting and declaring, not having serious idea how things are proven--and how then one must rely upon that proof.

    [-----------see below for part two to above entry----------------A.]

  2. [-----------here's part two to above entry---------------A.]

    * * * * *

    7th: Again Blood admits my writing was at least partially effective, and he has no substantial complaint I wasn't holding up my end of bargain. Again, site is and was mine, and Blood is guilty of criminal destruction of property, fraud, and theft, period.

    8th: Blood lies again--he just can't stand criticism which is what I did when I answered his stupid comments he submitted--see entries this blog for 1 and 3 Jun, esp. in comments sections.

    9th: More lies by Blood--IT WAS BLOOD who took site off-line on Jun 1st. There was nothing I could do after that. Blood is such a moron he can't even count--he brought site back up by the 25th--so it was off-line (by his doing) for 25 days, LESS than a month's time.

    10th: This is just Blood's further embellishment for a "cover-story," pure and simple. So far as I know, site was working fine when I posted my last entry on 31 May--running a site isn't "rocket-science," esp. once u know basic things which is all I did, sticking w. simple, written text.

    11th: just more embellishment and pap.

    12th: Fact is Blood is in this all for his own ego--he wants to play the HEROIC MARTYR.

    13th: More stupid lies: I write text, the basic necessary thing. I provide an anti-semitic plan, this founded upon a genuine, verifiable analytic, both of these totally missing fm Blood's "dialectic," such as it is, which, aside fm intense emotion, is utterly EMPTY and vacant.

    14th: Note the site,, rightfully belongs to me, period, as even the moron has essentially admitted in his own blog by which he attempts to defend and justify his criminal acts and behavior.

    15th: Note I'm not negotiating w. a criminal who lies and acts like a Jew. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. The site had to be taken out of your hands like a lit match from a baby--you were burning the whole house down.

    I don't give two shits about any of you Johnny-come-latelies, you all can't be quite as bright as you believe yourselves to be or you would have been hip to the jew out of the gate.

    You are one dumb fuck for all of your supposed smarts--personalities are irrelevant in this--getting the message out is all that is important THAT"S IT

    Why don't you work on developing a personality to where people warm up to you instead of fearing you for speaking down to them. That's bad business 101.

    Despite all this idiocy you keep going on and on with I am just getting a much needed injection of high humor out of it all, but the time for fun and games is over. If you want to get serious post your articles, nothing is preventing you but your ego.

    Question, have you bothered to watch a single tutorial video? Read a single "how to" forum? As your God as my witness I sent more than the invitation to speak on Skype to guide you along and you know it, ...LOL. Did you ever bother to watch that tutorial video by John Alan Martinson I put up online? Did you listen to the video I made specifically for you from the world famous speaker Earl Nightingale?

    The answer for all the questions above is NO! See Apollonian that is why someone had to step in and stop the train wreck that was going down.

    Now I am sure you will come back with all sorts of idiotic criticisms of me and what I do--but there's a difference between you and I. I actually learn from my mistakes and improve what I do, I have found a niche and am effective just the way I am, despite you not approving of my handling of things. Here's the big kicker Apollonian, and listen good--if I daon't know how to do something I seek out advise from people who do so I can learn.

    Two books that might help:

    The Elements of Style

    The Lively Art of Writing

    Yeah, my style comes from the streets but sometimes, Apollonian, that is the language people can understand. You obviously never considered who your potential audience was and adjusted your style to reach them.

  4. There Can Be No Compromises For Such Basic Matters
    (Apollonian, 10 Jul 10)

    Here's ur problem: U'RE GUILTY OF CRIMINAL THEFT; DAMAGE TO, AND DESTRUCTION OF PROP.; AND FRAUD. The site, is mine, PERIOD, end-of-story. U get it? There's no ifs, ands, or buts--and there's no negotiations on the subject.

    If u're not going to stick to ur word as already long-past given, and which u admitted to in ur own blog on the subject (which blog I see u've now taken down), there's no use bothering w. u further--u need to get this straight within ur own mind.

    So there's NOTHING of substance to all ur palaver in ur above comment. Who do u think u're kidding?

    Posting written text without pictures is perfectly good way of managing blog--u need to get real, comrade. U sabotaged and destroyed my blog because, very simply, u couldn't stand criticism--that's what plain facts are, pure and simple.

    U want to fight Jews?--only to replace them as liar and criminal?--who's going to fight for that?--to removing lying Jew criminals, only to replace them w. likes of u? Don't forget, usually people prefer the "devil they know" to one they don't know.

    So here's the ONLY concession I'll make for u: it has to do with monetary expense u've sustained for site, I don't insist u have to pay for something belonging to someone else. I do believe at the moment I can very much recompense ur expenses heretofore, pro-rated, once u give me the necessary info which then I'll verify.

    I'm not sure if I can fully supply this recompense right immediately, at present moment, though I'm sure I can do a good deal towards this. But I think I very well might be able to complete it w. another installment in immediate future as my present luck holds out. But I need the info to verify which u can send by e-mail.

    James, I'm telling u, u gotta cut this brainless lying and play-acting--u're not fooling anyone, I daresay, least of all, me. U can't fight Jews by adopting their monstrous attitude towards people--lying, thieving, sabotaging--no one will respect u, not even urself. Jews can out-do anyone when it comes to lying; they've sold their souls, u see.

    I think u suffer fm a form of DYSLEXIA--u having difficulty translating or transmitting ur thoughts fm ur mind into actual coherent language--that's why u can't express simple things which I'd queried, not even able to explain what u mean by ur "gnosticism," u rather referring to a web-site for what u say u believe.

    Regardless, there's no excuse for Jew-like behavior, lying, theft, and criminal damage--IT CANNOT BE TOLERATED, period, like I say.

    CONCLUSION: So u figure it out for urself: is mine, all mine--if u don't agree to this, there's no pt. in further dialectic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. LOL, you are one funny guy Apollonian. I don't bother to read you ridiculous repetitive idiocy all the way through. Why? Because you still cannot face the reality that this is all about EGO for you, you aren't any idealist, you are just completely full of yourself.

    You fill the pages you write with endless drivel on everything but the question you were asked to answer.

    Go on and plead your case to an empty arena--NO ONE cares--NO ONE. If you do generate any sparks of interest, it isn't in sympathy for your case but to watch the Apollonian show for amusement.

    Enough of this, get on with whatever point it is that you go on on for, or are trying to make. You have a blog here, use it for what it was designed for--but wait, WHAT exactly is it for?

    Carry the message or prove that all you are is a big phony.

    Oh, by the way--you've been punked(roasted) LOL

  6. "James," The Psycho, Bravely Leads Fight Against Jew Criminals--After All, "It Takes One To Know Them"
    (Apollonian, 12 Jul 10)

    Oh golly gee, but look--I've been "roasted" ("punked") by "James Blood," psycho, Jewwy criminal, thief, liar, saboteur who imagines he impresses the world for his "heroism" against Jews. Gosh, but maybe I should erase such "punking"--it's soooooooo embarrassing, golly, gosh.

    But what does "James" actually accomplish?--he basically only CONFIRMS my theses presented for this blog: it's "James" who's the psycho criminal, who emulates and imitates Jews for the criminals they are and tactics they use (fraud, theft, sabotage).

    Hey James, why'd u take down ur 7 July blog, "The Pepsi Challenge"?--was it because u realized u only admitted to the criminal theft u perpetrated?--just as I noted in comment, no. 1, above? So u only "punked" urself, didn't u?--and that's why u took down ur blog.

    Hey James--how do u know "no one cares"?--do u have E.S.P.?--like a Jew? Talk to us again, as u only demonstrate truth of everything I say about u. U're going to lead fight against Jews?--one criminal against others, eh?

    CONCLUSION: I daresay Jew criminals have more assets and resources than u, James, who doesn't even have brains enough to omit admitting to offenses he's accused of. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian