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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Criminal Psychopath, "James Blood," Gives World His "Mission Statement"--"Start Your Own Blog," He Says

Patriots Rather Need Plan, Analytic
(Apollonian, 20 Jul 10)

Well, the criminal psychopath, "James Blood" at now hysterically exhorts people, in his recent "mission statement" (see his 17 July entry), to getting their own blogs--that's the solution, by golly, he tells us.

But then what sort of information should we include within such blogs?--"James Blood" doesn't really say--for Blood hasn't the slightest clue. But whatever u may write, Blood tells us, put lots of pictures along w. it (and this is what Blood himself does--the only thing his blog is good for, truth be told, along w. the videos he's archived).

For u see, "Blood" hates Jews (which isn't bad, of course); he just isn't so sure about why--after all, he, Blood, does the same sort of criminal things, lying, thieving, etc (see this site, previous blog for 8 July). So evidently Blood considers Jews mere rivals and competitors whom he doesn't appreciate horning-in on his territory, by golly.

Moreover, "Blood" finds it necessary to repudiate the mighty Apollonian yet again, Blood calling Ap "ultra-fringe Christian lunatic" who produces mere "lengthy pseudo-intellectual jibber-jabber [and "mumbo-jumbo"] and nonsensical religious irrelevancies that obfuscate the task before us--war."

But what's wrong w. that magnificent religion of anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), our dear Christianity--the only thing which has ever managed a serious, lasting victory against Judaism, led by heroic St. Constantine the Great?--Blood just doesn't want to think about that--or anything else, truth be told.

Action first, thinking and planning later, by golly, according to Blood, the criminal psycho.

For the problem is "Blood" holds a serious grudge against Christianity--which, however, he has difficulty articulating--which would seem to be a serious problem seeing as how most of our people and prospective anti-semitic recruits are either Christian themselves or derived fm Christian parents and forebears.

But Jimmy-Jim just doesn't want to think about such things. Jimmy-Jim has difficulty thinking, himself, truth be told--it's a weak pt. for him--but he doesn't like to let people know that, u see--that's why he's so often so hysterical and pushy--so much like a Jew, himself.

CONCLUSION: And golly, Jimmy-Jim, the psycho, if u're really going to prosecute war, don't u think u need a plan?--and if u need a plan, how do u devise one without an analytic for what the situation is and how it got that way--and how it's going to go in the future? Jimmy-Jim doesn't worry about all that planning and analytical stuff, u see--he's just going to go to war, by golly--heck with all that "mumbo-jumbo" and "pseudo-intellectual" stuff, by george. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. Keep it up you jealous roach. I will slam your ass if you don't remove this and your other lies. You are an incompetent fool and a delusional nitwit who has no comprehension on how to reach people.

    As of today, I am netting 600 unique viewers a day, and climbing fast--fool, how's it going here?

    I have no idea of why I hate jews? Look, you little brainless Johnny-come-lately, I have decades of experience with jews and I actually DO know why I hate them and why others must too, whereas your supposed hate is derived from some biblical idiocy that wasn't even put together until the 4th century.

    Did you even bother to finish reading "Who Pulls Your Strings"? I think that pretty much spells it all out, jews are psychopaths,sociopaths, and have a Machiavellian personality disorder--it also fully explains what is prompting some gentiles to go along with them. What don't you get fuckoid? Where is this any different from what I have always said?

    Yeah, I am not so foolish to direct anyone to do anything in this current climate. I have said repeatedly I want jews exterminated whereas you seem to go along with that(at times) but you also advocate for expulsion(depending on your audience--lol). You have never outlined any ANY plan with any ANY details, other than some delusional desire to put us back in the Dark Ages under iron -fisted chistian rule.

    3rd century christian revival? Constantine? What kind of fool are you--you seem to believe the cover story and seem comfortable not looking at the facts that the whole fable of Constantine was set up to control people and to consolidate power and restore the Roman Empire as the Byzantine Empire using christianity as a tool to do it --but I am in no mood to go into that area, just to point out that you are a delusional wishful dreamer. It's never going to happen, thankfully.

    Now fuck off Apolloonian or I will crush you like a bug.

    The sad fact is very few, very, very few people listen to you or care about you. I took the poll I had on the site off when it was becoming cruel throwing it in your face that it was 20-zero against you. You are irrelevant, you repulse and disgust people like accidentally stepping in steaming pile of dog shit.

    Develop a personality you pathetic worm. You had better take note that if you proceed with your games I will destroy you. No one cares about you, no one reads you lunacy, and sadly, the only other person to comment on your drivel, besides me, is you--and you self-comment multiple times per post at that.

    Cease and desist or be banished the hard way. I will destroy you. You have done great harm to the overall movement with your games. No one likes you or want to hear you--go find a new hobby, and all this is for you is a hobby. You are no idealist, you are a fraud with no life.

  2. Psychotic "James Blood" Merely Envies Jews Who Are Simply More Connected And Collectivistic
    (Apollonian, 21 Jul 10)

    Jimmy-Jim: u seem to forget a simple little IS MY SITE, period--u are a Jew-like thief, fraud, and saboteur. U have only one course to follow in all reason: hand the site over to me, the rightful owner, immediately--PERIOD.

    I duly went and read ur dumb blog-article, "Who Pulls Your Strings," and the problem, as usual, w. ignorant scum like u, is premises and foundation for ur stupid assertions which otherwise now just hang like spider-webs in the air. Like a childish female, u just assert and declare, not saying how u derived ur idiotic conclusions.

    U're going to "destroy" me?--okay dip-shit, go ahead--I'm shaking in my shoes.

    Guess what?--I found out a little something: U'RE A PILL-POPPER, big-time, aren't u, psycho? Ha ha ha, u pathetic weakling, u sure are scary, aren't u?--ho ho ho, yuk yuk. I laugh in ur face. U know all about "personality," don't u?

    So let's see--is there anything else I should reply to for ur idiotic msg u were pleased to leave?

    Well, there's this--of those 20 respondents to ur stupid poll, how many do u think were Jews and queers? Jews and queers prefer u, Jimmy-Jim, as u're just an obvious frothing-at-the-mouth, hysterical psycho who really makes no sense--U ARE WHAT MAKES anti-semitism seem demented, pill-popper, w. ur female-like hysteria, shrieking, demands, and idiotic threats.

    My "plan" follows rational diagnosis/analysis of Jew disease-of-opportunity: greatest factor for Jew disease is "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalism, this within noxious HUBRIS of over-populated goyim in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as I've noted.

    Thus Jews are LIARS (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), at root, like u, Jimmy-Jim; we Christian soldiers, on the other hand, are the anti-dote, the anti-thesis, standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), dumbass.

    Philosophically, thus it is those of us who hold to OBJECTIVE reality, etc., against subjectivists and their dupes who pretend to a perfectly "FREE" human will--like a moron like u. Jews then are just most organized who take control and manipulate more stupid shits like u.

    Envy?--u envy Jews, Jimmy-Jim, as u're basically same thing, as I note--a LIAR through and through. U live in ur own little subjectivist's world--just like Jews--only they're far more collectivistic and connected, and that's ONLY difference.

    CONCLUSION: So have fun popping pills, pretending u're such a "personable" hero and "leader," goof-ball. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. Pill popper? That's quite amusing. Who did you hear that from? One of the doped up pot heads/cripples(mental and physical) who are in this for the same reason as you--money, fame, and pure delusion.

    I drink coffee by the gallons but I don't take drugs moron. When I was younger I snorted coke and tried various substances which is why I know that route is a road to nowhere, it solves nothing,and which is why I got so pissed off at you for being such a twit to go down the pot smoking road to self destruction and promote the virtues of pot on that moronic radio show you did a while back.

    Let me assure you that the scum who told you those lies will pay, I know exactly what fraud he is too and I have always suspected him of being a pile of self promoting shit. He has proven it. So tell that scumbag piece of shit he's next on my shit list, and yeah--people actually DO listen to what I have to say.

    You see, one here on the internet knows shit about me, especially you. I have been in this game far too long to trust a bunch of internet pansies that I do not know in real life. I have told those who I know to be frauds here online different things to keep them guessing and confused--almost as confused as you naturally are, but their intake of THC, etc just makes it all so much easier.

    Can you think back far enough to remember the post I did long ago on the JewList that said what everyone knows as fact now that our troops are guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan? Also how I took the hard line against drugs, especially drug dealing but you were all for drugs for everyone. Where was your great moral high ground on that knowing what drug use does to people?

    You blew it on the GA by doing whatever YOU did to keep the site offline and dead for over a month. I told you the site was subject to attack and did you listen? Could you deal with that anyway? I did.

    The site was taken down this week for several hours until I fixed it, luckily the material in folders on the server was not affected. The point is, the most, the best you can do is to run a pathetic little site like this. Expect nothing better, this is your upper limit. Your not going any higher than this and you have to know that.

    Tell that tough guy faggot pal of yours who is spreading lies to you to give me a holler from his wheelchair--yes, that person is an invalid. Tough talk but just about as crippled as Ironside. LOL, it goes a long way in explaining his great online anger--but, like you, there's no true idealist behind those tough words of his, in fact there's just a puddle of crippled flesh and bones.

    So, enjoy your obscurity, and tell your new friend to enjoy his because he's next on being exposed for the fraud he is too.

    So, where is your great plan? Christian revival huh? So hows that going? How many members do you got? LOL, what an idiot.

    I know it escaped you but over at the GA I have provided books in the e-category that have been eerily prophetic as to what is happening to us and yes, there is also a book called Civil War 2 which might have clicked for you if you weren't so "high" on the misinterpreted words of your God--LOL

    Enjoy your insignificance. This is the highest mountain you'll climb and you know it. Everyone in the blogosphere know all about what a loon you are--do you really believe you can win them over to your misinterpretations of the 4th century creation you call the bible? LOL

    You have now lost all humor to me so rot.

  4. Psycho Sure Does "Protesteth" Much, Doesn't He?
    (Apollonian, 21 Jul 10)

    Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim--the Jew-like liar, thief, and psycho--now goes and says someone else is a liar.

    Indeed, the site u've commandeered, like the Jewwy thief u are, does have some good videos, I don't take that away fm u. But otherwise, u're ignorant moron for analysis, diagnosis, and plan--as now u even admit.

    "Plan" is simple--it's founded upon Christian-kind of model, and we simply emulate St. Constantine the Great. Getting out at "Christian" places (like the guy at, demonstrating, and protesting Christ was anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MATT 15:3-9 and MARK 7:1-13) is good, simple start for things, most effective too, I'd say.

    Note again, u dumb, Jewwy liar--it was YOU, and no other, most surely not Jews, who took the site off-line on Jun 1st or maybe nite of 31 May, and then u put it back up on the 25th or 26th Jun, ignorant fool who cannot even count--popped a lot of pills didn't u, eh dumbass?

    I "KNOW" 2 things: I know what u told me, and I know HOW u act--like a Jew. U talk like a moron pretending u know all about how things are, just bull-shitting urself within ur little mind's world.

    CONCLUSION: And I know u're a psycho too, not much different fm Jews, as I say. Jews are just more connected w. fellow psychos, eh? And there u go making threats u can't back-up again, eh?--are u a psycho?--do u think? Have fun, shit-head. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. L-Theanine is a nutritional supplement fool, I guess you can't use a search engine. It is also safe, and listen to this, 100% legal. All it is is green tea extract moron. Yes, I order vitamins and supplements from this company is in the USA they aren't dealing crap that gets you high, it's not that kind of site. If you need that kind of crap just check the back of the High Times behind your Play Girl magazine--you can find all sorts of goodies there you'd like.

    A little washed up worm like you might give iHerb a look, you can use all the nutrition you can get.

    LOL, I didn't count the days the site was offline like you because I was busy with REAL life you drooling nit-wit. Apparently you were counting the days, how fucking pathetic.

    Also, isn't it funny how you seem to spend countless hours on my site. Yes, I have a tracker and I know for sure it's you. Either you are some kind of stalking homo or you can't get enough of the truth.

    It's ok, let go of that jew rag bible and those jew beliefs you have embraced--you can do it. I have faith--LOL

    Now you are fired. You aren't worth spitting on as I step over this dying corpse of a site here.

    Fuck off!

  6. Seriously Apollonion, give this a break and get on with your own life! You have your own website to run, why are you creating so much trouble? James is not a pill popper unless you call taking natural herbal remedies - pill popping. Why are you spreading untruths - it's not helpful and you are making yourself a lot of enemies.

  7. James Keeps Trying To Fool--Himself
    (Apollonian, 21 Jul 10)

    But Jimmy-Jim-Jim--I KNOW u're a lying, thieving criminal--U CAN'T "FIRE" ME, u utter, complete idiot.

    It was u who took site off-line; I e-mailed u, and u didn't answer, and I didn't get error msg fm ur address, so it had to be u, scum. U never e-mailed me to ask what was going on, u puke--u took the site off line, stupid moron.

    Like a Jew, u think everyone is stupid--stupid as u, evidently--and u don't hesitate lying to folks, as u call everyone cowards for not being like u. So put all this in ur pipe and smoke it too, u psycho-criminal. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  8. "Eleanor" Comes To Aid Of Her Beleaguered Hero
    (Apollonian, 21 Jul 10)

    "Eleanor": how could u possibly know Jimmy-Jim isn't a "pill-popper"?--I know he's a thief and a liar--why wouldn't he be a pill-popper?

    I seriously doubt I'm making too many enemies, and even if I was, I wouldn't hesitate to speak truth about Jimmy-Jim the moron.

    Why are u interested, anyway?--do u think James will marry u? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  9. Apollonian,

    This will be my last response to you but I will bookmark this page a source of amusement for when I am in need for a good laugh.

    Leave Eleanor alone, she is a good person. Leave her out of this. You fucked with me so now you will go down the hard way. Don't give me reason to go out of my way to go on all the forums you frequent and make an ass out of you there too---and people will listen because you are universally despised wherever you go, admit it.

    Calling yourself "great" is quite revealing of how delusional you are. You seem to aspire to be a pitiful copy of Birdman Bryant--who I spoke with many times, but you come off as a cross between Beavis from Beavis and Butthead, Ignacius J. Reilly from "A Confederacy of Dunces" and Don Quixote. The funny thing is you don't seem to have a clue of what a parody you are. It's sad really.

    "I know he's a thief and a liar--why wouldn't he be a pill-popper?"

    Wow, that's quite a train of logic there bud. Seriously, have you been diagnosed or are you currently on meds for your delusional and grandiose mental disorders--I think you need some help there pal, you are truly sick. I am not kidding, you seriously need help.

    Everything you say is the creation of your twisted and demented mind--a true victim too, another common problem that occurs with the other two disorders mentioned above. Martyr, better than, smarter than, etc, etc. All these symptoms put together equal one sick bi-polar mind.

    My x wife(no funny guy--not Elle) got one hell of a laugh reading this and hearing how you have determined how I supposedly don't know why I hate jews--that was a five star touch of true humor--but the sad reality is that you weren't joking. Reading peoples thoughts and minds is another part of that grandiose bi-polar mind.

    Leave Elle alone or I will really unleash hell upon you. Keep it up fool, I am giving you fair warning and a chance to back up here into your demented self created isolation room. Keep it up and if I hear one more peep out of you I will give you an internet coup de gras.

    Stay in this pitiful playpen and behave now or this adult is going to give you a BIG time-out.

  10. Mighty Ap Petrified By Blow-Hard, Blowing Hard
    (Apollonian, 22 Jul 10)

    Well Jimmy-Jim-Jim, golly gee, but I sure am scared of a pill-poppin' psychotic petty criminal (thief, fraud, saboteur) like u, so I'm going to do my best to drag fair Eleanor's name through the mud, much as I can. Don't doubt I read the little scum-bag's comments on ur (really my) blog, u stupid, brainless punk.

    The little bitch says my writing is not the way scholars really write--but this implies she actually knows anything about the subject, doesn't it? So obvious question then is just exactly HOW do scholars write, and how is my own manner not consistent therewith?--a subject the little puke-head surely knows nothing about.

    The dumb little whore tells me, gee, but I'm "making . . . a lot of enemies"--as if I'm supposed to think twice about speaking truth about a brainless, criminal psycho like Jimmy-Jim.

    Filthy little slut imagines there's something I have to fear--more, evidently, than those enemies have to fear fm me. What a brainless, stupid little trollop, I swear.

    CONCLUSION: So now have at it, u psychotic criminal moron, Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim-Jim. I hope u understand fully just exactly how scared I really am of a total idiot like u--be careful not to trip over ur own two feet, dip-shit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  11. Do I think James will marry me? Are you a child because that comment was possibly the most infantile thing I have heard in a very long time.
    I do know James and once again, I will reiterate that he is not a pill-popper. If he was, then you would not have been so eager to work in unison with him on the Gentile Alliance site - you would have ran a mile.
    I am not going to respond any further, and would advise James to do the same. There is a larger fight to contend with and it does not involve a childish interchange with you.

  12. I am going to make it quite clear to you once and for all. You are a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual no-mark. May I ask you - where precisely did you study? What is your area of academic prowess? Did you attend Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell? No - I did not think so, but I have studied at a top UK university. My son's father is an academic, my father was an academic and I state categorically, that your narratives are nothing more than pseudo-scholarship. If a person has to try so very hard to provide the impression of intelligence, then they are not intelligent, they are narcissistic
    Try submitting one of your abbreviated, "essays" to a top university and you will see how quickly your work will be rebuffed.
    When all is said and done, I am not the person who has been banned from a multiplicity of websites - you have - and one needs to ask the question - Why that is. The mere fact that you cannot string a sentence of insult together without resorting to obscenties is indicative of your true intellect.

  13. Now you will be put out fool. You can't ruffle my feathers so you go after someone who is just trying to offer up the advise to move on and get on with it. No, that's not what you do, is it?

    For as long as I have associated with you all you do is bicker and start little fights with everyone you run across, everyone.

    Where are your allies? Name one, just one? You have,'t a single friend on the web after all these years, just a long list of enemies. A genius? If you cannot see it you're no genius, or anything close to one, you're sick.This whole show of yours(urs) is sabotage--not self inflicted but with a purpose to destroy our movement from the inside out.

    Now, as far as your scholarship, well--you're a fucking joke there pal. No intelligent person would come across and speak the way you do unless you are trying to be some kind of funny guy; the act has gone on far too long for that so the other conclusion is that you are one sick narcissistic puke.

    Narcissism also is part of your untreated bi-polarity. I have dated couple of post graduates from UCLA and other universities who's field of study was English/ English Lit/ Comparative Lit. None of them spoke, wrote, or acted like you do. You think way too highly of yourself and in turn repel everyone around you.

    This isn't about you being bright and hardly idealism of any kind--and you're not very bright and you're far from an idealist; this whole show of yours is about you being the center of controversy and attention--the message you use is merely the vehicle to get to the others.

    Keep it up there Ap"loon"atic. We'll see who's so funny soon as your laughed off every board from here on out even more that the banishment you've been given by one and all so far.

  14. Morons Just Gotta Keep Spinning--Simple Truth Isn't Sufficient
    (Apollonian, 22 Jul 10)

    By golly, this is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

    Hey dip-shits: I thought u weren't going to respond any further.

    CONCLUSION: Jimmy-Jim-Jim, if I WASN'T banned fm ur psycho site, I'd be dis-appointed, believe me. Lay on, MacDuffs--u make me laugh. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  15. LOL- funny boy. The funny thing in all of this is that the picture I posed of you on MY site is probably not too far off the mark.

    So, you're a woman hater too huh? What's a matter, mommy didn't love you enough? A misogynist on top of all of your other mental problems, wow--just wow.

    Yeah, I would have stayed away from here but when someone alerted me to the fact you are calling women whores and such without any justification, I had to see it to believe it.

    Apollonianionianuebui8, please seek some sort of help. I would suggest therapy of some kind, not the jewish kind but that which is based on Jung--you could handle that couldn't you?

    Also, seek spiritual counseling. You call yourself a "christian" but that term is just masking what is really going on--delusion. Delusion on all sorts of levels.

    If you are a "christian" why is it you act nothing like one? I can find no real Christian that talks or behaves like you other than from those who've ended up in insane asylums. If you have some minister friend seek his guidance out now--maybe he can help you get you to admit yourself to the right institution before you snap.

    There are two types of anger Apo"loon"ian--implosive and explosive anger--you have implosive anger. I see a very nasty outcome for anyone around you when your time-bomb goes off. seek immediate help.

    So, the point to all this poor guy is that I do indeed believe that you are truly deranged and need of immediate psychological help. I am not joking here in the least. It is possible that you have contracted syphilis from a whore in the past and which would explain your hatred of women..but after so many years, I think that the damage done to your brain has become irreversible.

    Suicide would solve all our problems Apo"loon", everyone wins. Give it some consideration; or more consideration than you've already no doubt given it--I am sure it is what you fall asleep thinking about every night. This is a vote from an outsider that it is probably the best move you could make.

    The Hemlock Society might be able to give you some nifty tips on how you can proceed from here. Just do it.

  16. Non-Christian Sucker Lacks Even A Clue
    (Apollonian, 22 Jul 10)

    Jimmy-Jim-Jim: I'm surprised u didn't learn anything fm all my essays on the subject of Christianity--IT'S ABOUT TRUTH first and most (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    "Think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

    And note my favorite Christian order is Knights Templar, fierce warriors of God--who never surrendered, and get this, DIDN'T TAKE PRISONERS, comrade.

    CONCLUSION: Do u now begin to see what a pathetic, deluded, moronic fool u really are? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  17. Taste the steel fucktard!

    Hammertime! LOL

    Everywhere you go I will make sure you are taken down until you just fucking go away on your own.

    You are use to playing with pseudo intellectual puff balls--now you are dealing with a hardened street fighter who is no mental slouch. Sure I am unpolished but I have no use for those types in my personal world anyway. Keep playing around jerk-off and keep finding yourself knocked down.

    I am finally convinced that you actually do work for the jews if you aren't actually a jew yourself. You have done them a great service by trying to destroy every forum that you have latched onto. Luckily the gentile mind is a little sharper than you have given it credit for and, so far, every forum has banned your sayanim ass.

    Buddy boy, I deserve a gold medal for enduring you for longer than any other soul out there. I read your idiocies, I have got your playbook memorized. You know only what little I wanted you to know of me--now it's time for me to drop the cloak and destroy you.

    Laugh it up, you are already finished but your demented mind just won't accept it.

  18. Knights Templar? LOL, and you have no problem with the accusations against them for their supposed Gnosticism?

    Jacques de Molay 1307--Friday the 13th--lol

    You are aware that the order may have had jewish origins in Godfroi De Boulloin and his jewish cousin Peter "the hermit"?

    LOL, I guess what doesn't fit with the facts you just make up and believe your own delusional stories--it must be nice!

    The whole story of the "poor" knights is a crock. You are aware that modern banking originated from that order of kosher krusaders are u not?

  19. Psycho Has Strange Obsessions
    (Apollonian, 23 Jul 10)

    Dipshit: why are u commenting here, anyway?--who are u trying to kid?

    Templars were outstanding soldiers--known for their bravery--they shouldn't be tarnished by a few rotten apples who might have taken advantage of things at the top.

    CONCLUSION: U're just a psycho, and anti-semitism is just ur excuse for playing the narcissistic hero and committing ur criminal acts and frauds. But by all means, keep talking to us. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  20. us?

    Wow, Sayan-a-loonatic speaking in the plural now are "we"--LOL A dead giveaway of a truly disturbed mind. Delusions of Grandeur! It has been quite clear for a while though--when you speak of yourself as "Great" is another proof to my charge.

    My antisemitism is 100% genuine and is reflected in everything I do. This ain't no hobby for me, I actually hate the fuckers and I have a long list of very legitimate reasons for despising everything about them.

    Your antisemetic "hobbyism" is clear, it sure looks like nothing more than a vehicle for you netting yourself some attention.

    I will leave you alone as soon as you do what you have been told to do, until then--it's my turn shooting a duck in a barrel--YOU.

    What I do is effective, even if you have a hard time accepting it. Your hurt feelings are not my problem. I have a job to do and will concentrate on that when I remove you from preventing me giving it my all.

    This has been strangely amusing, a comic interlude from the battles on the front line, but now I done watching your silly act.

    This is my ultimatum: If you actually are a gentile and actually do want jews destroyed--let me do what I do best, my way and without you as a barrier between my targets.

    Keep it up and I will be convinced that you are either a jew or one of their agents and your mission here online has been subversion.

    Why do you attempt to poison the wells of every debate you enter and throw in red herrings? Why haven't you added up all the forums where you've been banned and figure it out? It's not the gentile world who's got the problem here--all fingers are pointed in your direction. Is everyone wrong? Everyone?

  21. Pill-Popper Has Endless Energy
    (Apollonian, 23 Jul 10)

    Right--just keep babbling moron. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  22. I bet that advise about the Hemlock Society is sounding pretty sweet for you about now, isn't it?

    Unless you beat it from the seen, the best is yet to come. What you've seen has just been the opening act.

    Beat it on your own or suffer permanent banishment from the rest of us out here.

  23. Psycho Moron Continues With Comedy
    (Apollonian, 24 Jul 10)

    The "rest of us out here"?--psychos, criminals, and morons? Oh right, I'm just terrified. Keep babbling, u utterly brainless buffoon. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian