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Friday, July 2, 2010

What's ESSENCE of Jew?--They're Liars, pure and simple--but note, they're sublimely "connected" and organized

What Is Essential Nature Of Jew Liars?--Subjectivism, Necessary Basic Premise For All Their Subsequent Lies, Murders, Criminality
(Apollonian, 2 Jul 10)

I see now u're on (the excellent) subject of THE NATURE OF THE JEW. See, "SN and ROK...," 13 May 10. So what's exactly that putrid nature of the Jew we all hate so much and so righteously? For note the usual, typical, hook-nosed, hatchet-faced ugliness of Jew is just a reflection of the inner, essential corruption--including all the deceptive mannerisms of the Jew.

And of course Jews are psychopaths and murderers, as we know and see--but, again--why and how?--what's the ESSENCE of it all regarding Jew?

Thus note Judaism began in "mystery" Babylon as a war strategy--against all the rest of humanity--this was much like all the other religions of the time which all primarily featured war gods. For best and definitive expo/ref. on Jew Talmud see and

Thus the Jews devised a "religion," featuring their distinctive war god, by which they would construct and exploit a certain "reality" by which they'd be able to win all/any wars against everyone and anyone--and u gotta give them credit for their success.

For Jews are FOREMOST LIARS (hence subjectivists)--and note the amazing observation that Jews will lie EVEN TO THEMSELVES--thus do they create their own reality within their little minds. And again, note the great success of these Jews who now rule the world so completely--excepting for a few doughty souls, as we see on this site, who refuse to succumb and bow-down to them.

So u see, Jews make use of strategic deception as their foremost and beginning war strategem/tactic which is applied even UNTO THEMSELVES. And note Jews, over the yrs, then become actually an extended crime-family with topmost masterminds who direct things fm the top, including then down to out-lying fringe members who often are only marginally attached to the "loop."

For there are surely "dumb" Jews like in any other race/family--but Jews of the crime family, extended as it is, make sure to maintaining sufficient discipline--all part of their insidious, putrid Talmudic "religion," such as it is. For verily, it's a legitimate, genuine religion as religion goes, never doubt--Jews themselves believe in it, religion then understood as a system of habit and subconscious programming.

Thus we see Jews are foremost criminals, hence parasites--and they're literally like a disease-of-opportunity which afflicts the civilization/culture to which they attach.

The next essential note is additional observation these Jews, who make up relatively small minority of people, can ONLY succeed within certain circumstances, taking advantage of the host population's HUBRIS and confusion within a distinct kind of "Tower-of-Babel" environment--as we observe prevails even in this day--and don't doubt Jews take care to seeing to maintenance of this mental confusion of gentiles, this confusion ("strategic deception") so vital to Jews' success.

Thus one observes the CYCLIC nature of reality, history, and sociology, in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, by which a people and civilization/culture arises but then eventually becomes corrupt in its success and "prosperity," losing sight of its original great virtues which went into building of that civilization/culture--especially the foremost virtue of HONESTY by which that people/volk make use of truth, knowledge, science, etc.

Thus Jew criminals really get going, achieving peak hegemony, as we see, when they definitively establish their MONOPOLISTIC monetary scam of COUNTERFEITING, as by means of present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and

Imagine how ALL-POWERFUL u'd be if u had monopoly for COUNTERFEITING of money supply--which was cheerfully enforced by the very suckers u were exploiting. U'd then be able, quite literally, to buying EVERYTHING u needed and wanted--including the "Jews-media," politicians, judges, bureaucrats, public "education," army, navy, and police--EVEN then all the establishment religious institutions--as we plainly see presently.

But note there's inevitable down-side to everything as Jew parasites, a disease to the society they've afflicted and exploited, inevitably become soooooooo "successful" they now become over-populated themselves, destroying the host-victims they've lived-on heretofore.

Thus eventually Jews, even masterminds at the very top, must inevitably begin to falling-out among themselves. And this falling-out now among topmost criminals is beginning of chances for original host-victim population (actually the survivors) to beginning to achieving of their own freedom.

CONCLUSION: Thus we see essential NATURE of Jew as SUBJECTIVIST LIARS, frauds (esp. COUNTERFEITERS, as we see presently), criminals, and parasites who absolutely HATE TRUTH, first of all, hence for example, that Western (Aristotelian) conception of objective reality, such objectivity then necessary criterion of truth. Such I submit, is most succinct, yet thorough-going description and analysis of Judaic essence and nature for most pertinent details which best accounts then for all characteristic outer manifestations as well-observed upon in this blog and discussion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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