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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apollonian reaches out to "Creators"

How Abstracts Cover And Mask Simple CONCRETES Such As Present Fed COUNTERFEITING
(Apollonian, 8 Aug 10)

Dear Comrades among Creators:

First, I'd like to say I'm disappointed my thread on Christianity and how it deserves to be evaluated in most objective terms was ended so peremptorily. See I guess I just would remind u good folks of the great number--incredible numbers--of Christians who are receptive to so many and much of the creator purposes and pt.s creators have presented about the Judaic enemy.

Don't blame the people too much that they're cultivated to patronize those infernal monsters called Jews--remember we're dealing much w. child-like mentalities in so many ways. Creators should not hold it against volk for their simplicity and lack of guile.

Never forget Christianity is primarily and first LITERARY allegory seeking to preach basic truth against the masters-of-lies, the Pharisees (now called "Jews"--distinct fm the Judeans of the time) who are God's foremost enemies, "God" understood as allegory for truth itself (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), Pharisees pretending to have killed God (thus truth itself).

And remember too, how most people are not nearly as astute, intellectually, as creators, and this is why that magnificent and sublime Christian allegory is made so as to be presentable to the entire population, beginning w. the children, as we are when we first learn and try to think about things.

Finally note the Judean people of the time were so oppressed, pathetically subject to ignorance and most primitive diseases, these being circumstances for Christ's ministry against Jews (Pharisees). Never doubt the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC intrinsic to Christian New Testament story--Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies (philosophically then, objectivity vs. subjectivity).

For there's tremendous advances to be made by patriots, including creators, and I'd like to discuss one particular topic regarding the COUNTERFEIT scam of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo/ref. on Fed scam/fraud), and how this can be brought home by means of proper and astute rhetorical presentation of which creators are so well capable.

Don't forget so many of Christian-sympathetic and -oriented people have been traduced by Jews and Jew-friendly operatives who've infiltrated Christian-establishment churches and organizations, and who've accomplished this dread traducement and subversion simply by means of HUGE MASSES of money--money that is literally just COUNTERFEITED up. "Usury" then is actually a side-issue which is used to CONFUSE the COUNTERFEIT scam itself, otherwise so easy to understand.

Primary pt. then is HOW EXACTLY TO BRING HOME the way Jews have commandeered things cultural so completely--BY MEANS OF THIS COUNTERFEITING.

Thus the Fed is made to seem to be this huge, complicated and esp. respectable thing called "banking," specifically then "fractional-reserve" money and banking--also known as "central" banking--BUT IT'S REALLY MUCH, MUCH SIMPLER THING, merely that old criminal enterprise known as COUNTERFEITING of which these scum have achieved a legally formalized monopoly by which, in addition, they actually CHARGE INTEREST ON TOP of this COUNTERFEITING they do at the beginning.

So note then, my good creator comrades: FIRST these criminal scum literally just COUNTERFEIT up this so-called "money-supply," also known as "fiat-money"--AND THEN THEY CHARGE INTEREST UPON IT--is that gall ("chutzpah") for u? But note again it really takes quite a bit of guts to even begin to put across such a gigantic farce upon the people--u gotta give kikes credit.

But remember the most important pt. now is the original COUNTERFEITING--that's the base of the whole fraud scheme--Jews love to get the controversy then side-tracked upon the subject of charging interest, esp. by means of the buzz-word, "usury"--which hardly anyone can understand for real, intrinsic meaning and even origin.

And observe now how this filthy, devilish, infernal scam, COUNTERFEITING, actually gets by the people--by means of the "big-lie" technique. For if u tell most folks that's what the Fed is and does (COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple), people are automatically disposed to not believe u as it is just tooooooo grossly SIMPLE for their child-like imaginations and mentalities, they thinking (as so often they fool themselves) they are really more sophisticated. "Oooooh nooooo," they're most likely to say--"it couldn't be as simple as that"--and this is classic manner in which "big-lie" works--the sheer simplicity and enormity of the idea in the first place.

Thus the Jews (and remember, it's mainly Jews at the top-levels--many of the lower-level kikes themselves don't entirely understand this COUNTERFEIT fraud) perpetrate a scam by which the gentiles and goyim essentially FOOL THEMSELVES, most of all.

So what we must do, I submit, is to emphasize CONCRETE terminology for otherwise difficult words and phrases which are couched in ABSTRACT TERMS--like "inflation" or "capitalism," for examples. Patriots and creators must emphasize the simple, CONCRETE word, "COUNTERFEITING," which now EVEN SMALL CHILDREN CAN UNDERSTAND.

Next, and at same time, DON'T LET THE (counterfeiting) TOPIC BECOME COMPLICATED or diverted by means of the charging-of-interest ("usury") aspect, which is mere side-issue--the "icing on the cake" as far as the basic, prior COUNTERFEITING is concerned.

To sum up for this exposition of mine, I'd only emphasize, that it's this COUNTERFEITING, first and most, that gives Jews all their worldly, practical power--it's how the Israel and AIPAC lobby in US Congress is able to intimidate, bribe, extort, and command such huge majority of Congress. Note then this COUNTERFEITING and "central banking" extends to all the rest of the world too. "Euro Dollar" scam is dominated by same, basic Rothschild network running same basic scam.

This COUNTERFEITING is how Jews literally own nearly all politicians, judges, top bureaucrats (no less than 3 of 9 Supreme Ct. Justices now Jews--NO PROTESTANTS), all education, public and private, the "Jews-media," top corporations, and esp. then even the establishment Christian churches (!) which were designed to protect the people fm these satanic Judaic criminals in first place.

Again, then observe the operative things working upon the people: their willingness to allow themselves to be fooled by means of ABSTRACTIONS and the imagined intellectuality of complex concepts like "banking" and "capitalism"--and most of all, their OVERLOOKING of simple CONCRETE things, like sheer criminality and the infinite gall of satanic, Talmudic frauds making use of the "big-lie," getting the poor schmucks to FOOL THEMSELVES.

CONCLUSION: This is why creators do well to respect that basic Christianity for its plain warning against Jew liars, criminals, and frauds (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). For it's FAR BETTER POLICY to SYMPATHIZE w. Christain volk and making use of their own ready-made idiomatic regarding these Jew frauds, murderers, and criminals. For creators surely have that necessary, basic intellect--they only now need to apply the sympathetic art and rhetoric--don't be bullies. Thus we make use of highest Christian value of simple, CONCRETE TRUTH--we're not making anything up, never doubt. With just a little persistence added in, we won't lose in long-term. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. "When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible." - Jomo Kenyata

  2. When I tried to log-in to the this morn (9 Aug 10), I got following msg:

    "Sorry apollonian, you are banned from using this forum!
    You were warned not to preach Christinsanity in Creator Forum

    * * * * *

    So, I went ahead to the "contact" page and got the e-mail address there and sent this, following msg:

    "Hello: I tried to log-on to the forum but came up w. this msg--

    "" Sorry apollonian, you are banned from using this forum!
    You were warned not to preach Christinsanity in Creator Forum"

    "Of course, I never preached Christianity--I only defended it fm ur pathetic attacks attempting to clarify things u falsely and ignorantly alleged about it.

    "I'd say u're justified in attacking the Judaic take-over of Christianity--which they do by means of nearly infinite quantities of COUNTERFEITED funds--and the "Judeo-Christian" hereticalist version of Christianity, esp. that of Charles Hagee (or Pat Robertson), for example, who says Christ was Jew.


    "This is our land, scum, and u'd better get it through ur stupid heads--U'D BETTER BE NICE, NICE, NICE, NICE, NICE--or else. If u're smart u'll take my warning to heart--but u don't seem too smart, do u?

    "So now that we're past the pleasantries, I understand fm "white will" there are "credos," one of which, no. 40, deals w. the COUNTERFEITING issue. Where would u say I could find this, exactly, if it can be found on internet? Thanks for all ur attn. A."