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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lying Mud-Race Scum, Like Jew, Wants To Have It Both Ways--He's Both "white" and dark at same time--really--check it out

[Here below, is one of my latest dialectics. Notice how, according to these morons, anyone who complains about presense of Muslims is automatically an ally of the Jew. A.]

* * * * *

[Wheeeeeeeeeeeee--this is neato--observe below, I catch this mud-race puke in a gross, blatant lying lie where he tells me he's white. I then dredge up HIS OWN WORDS whence he tells people he's "DARK"--literally. Of course, the scum wouldn't post my rejoinder, first up, just below, to his comment in bold, further below, though he did post my original entry, at very bottom. Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho; this makes my day today. These mud-race scum think we white folk are sooooo stupid, eh? A.]

* * * * *

Mark Glenn, Mud-Race Liar, Exposed By His Own Words, Writing
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

Hey Mark the mud-skin: thanks much for ur response. See below-copied fm, "Islamophobia--Israel's...," 30 Aug 10, comments. U may not indeed be Islamic, but u sure ain't "white." I googled up a picture of u, and u look like a mud-race, scummy piece-of-shit, for sure, without doubt--and I'm sure ur kids look it too, eh?

Further, then I found this, copied in part, below, written by u, posted on 24 Feb 2007 at, fm "Anti-Semite? Moi?" In this quoted text, U ADMIT U'RE "DARK," not "white" at all, which in ur abysmal, infinite ignorance, u assert is color ("white") of Abe Foxman, a Jew's Jew--which Jews are not white anymore than mestizos or mulattoes.

"You see, the reason that I am alarmed at the recent rise in ‘anti-Semitism’ is because I am a real, living, flesh-and-blood-Semite Abe, unlike you and those for whom you presume to speak. As such, my children are also Semitic and–if I am so blessed–my grandchildren will be as well.

"Do not let my non-Semitic-sounding name fool you. There is more ‘Semitism’ in one of my eyelashes than what you and your people could possibly dream of possessing in your wildest, most uninhibited fantasies. My relatives came from the Middle East, unlike yours which came from the ghettos of either Europe or Russia. My relatives are the ancient Filasteens and Phoenicians whereas yours (and those of 95% of the world’s Jewish people) came from the ancient kingdom of Khazaria in southern Russia. My skin is dark and my eyes are dark and almond-shaped, unlike your features which are fair and white in appearance. I grew up hearing dialects of the Aramaic language that was spoken by Jesus and his apostles and I ate the food that has been part of that region for thousands of years."

* * * * *

Mark, I think I'm quite rational when I question the presense of Muslims in USA--there are now literally millions of these scum infesting our land, and getting rid of Jews is good thing, but Muslims gotta go too. Further, u mud-race people have no proper business being here either, and calling attn to ur presense is good beginning step to dealing w. Jew problem, no?

Regarding the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, this is actually natural, predictable CYCLIC process: what happens is gentiles and whites "prosper" and become over-populated, then Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity sets in to weed out the weaklings. U mud-race people are a symptom of the diseased present state of our Western culture.

CONCLUSION: If u were soooooooooo "rational" Mark, u'd give an answer to my question regarding the Muslims--they're NOT our (meaning white folks') friends, and they are a SYMPTOM of the real problem, without doubt. And solving the Muslim problem is part of solving the Jew problem for USA, unquestionably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied--------------------

–note from me, MG [this is Mark Glenn responding to my first entry, very bottom of this copied dialectic]–whenever I hear people within the “patriot movement” talk about “taking America back” I laugh to myself, not because our enemies are so strong, but because THIS–meaning the person who posted this comment–represents a large percentage of those in this “movement,” individuals who CANNOT think rationally, morally or otherwise. People who let their ‘racial pride’ get the best of their rational side and who are so myopic in their understanding of the battlefield in front of them that they couldn’t hit the inside of a barn with a .22 rifle if they were locked inside.


Death to me? I am survived by 9 beautiful (and brilliant) children. My guess is that you are survived by NO ONE since there isn’t a woman (or man) in the world who would have you.


Northerntruthseeker August 30, 2010 at 5:57 pm
Ignore the last comment by “Apollonian”, Mark… Other sites have sussed him and his cohorts out as being part of the Hasbarat/Sayanim network sent in to do the usual “Jew-spew” and to cloud any issues, including yours….

Islam has absolutely nothing to do with any so called “terrorism”…. In almost ALL cases of so called “terrorism” we find the fingerprints of the Mossad all over them…. It is no wonder why these criminal Talmudic Jews are trying to whip up anti-Islamic hatred in America… They want their 300 Million slaves in America to destroy their neighbouring Muslim countries for them!

Remember the motto of the Mossad, readers: “By Way Of DECEPTION, Thou Shalt Do War!”… It does not take a rocket scientist to see the usage of deception in this whipping up of the American public by false Islamophobia!

--------------above are responses to my original entry, below-copied-------

Just What ARE Muslims Doing Here In USA, Made By White Christians?
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

"White piece-of-trash"?--whoooooohooooooo, pretty bold and presumptuous sort of statement by a rag-head like urself, eh Mark?--at least he's white, unlike mud-race filth like urself, eh?

Hey Mark, wasn't USA made by white Christians?--so what are Islamic scum like u doing here anyway?--answer: u were brought in here by Jews, weren't u? Of course, Jews got here by bribing their way in, getting the white leadership to betray the white people.

I think u're right, Jews are worst enemies of us native whites--but u Muslims are no better--u're enemies just as much. Death to u. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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