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Monday, August 30, 2010

Useless, Screaming, Psychotic Bully Now "Disappeared" From Cyber-Space

"James Blood," Criminal Psychopath, Site Blink Out--Once Again--Due To Lack Of Substantial Content, Naturally
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

Well, I've kept close watch for GentileAlliance--MY SITE, that is, until it was stolen fm me by criminal psychopath, "James Blood"--and it's been gone fm the cyber waves since 16 Aug, about two weeks ago.

"James Blood," criminal psychopath, obviously must have run-out of ideas for subject-matter to post--what a pathetic, empty-headed, scummy weakling, liar, thief, and saboteur he is. At least I always could think of something to put up which had some use--at least a pertinent dialectic w. some other human being, if nothing else. Now is gone, utterly useless, destroyed for any worthwhile purpose by a self-righteous, holier-than-thou psychopath, as I note.

See previous blog-entry, this site, July 20, for further reference, details--and get a load of the screamer's psychotic screamings which I published in "comments" section--boy he sure can huff and puff, can't he?--a big, dumb-ass blow-hard, if ever there was one.

This complete and total moron, "James Blood," always wanted to portray himself as an anti-semite--but he was toooooooooooo good to be a Christian, the brainless, incompetent filth. So what good is a piece-of-shit like this who's too good to be Christian? Who does he expect to recruit?--the damned, brainless son-of-a-bitch--does he think USA is a Muslim country or something?

"James Blood," the raging, screaming psychopath, wanted to be an anti-semite, and that was about the ONLY thing he had going for himself, but he was filled with the same Jewwy sort of self-righteousness, pretending kikes were/are "evil," the stupid scum. And the psychopath never could say why or how Jews were soooooooo "evil." Blood, the psychopathic screamer would never bother to define such "good-evil," the utterly brainless, useless moron.

And like I say, this screaming psychopath, "James Blood," was really just himself the Jewwy-est sort of self-righteous punk/bully, pretending he was the ONLY one who had courage and "guts" to face the Jews--BUT NOT THE SLIGHTEST BRAINS AT ALL, whatsoever.

"Blood," the psychopathic screamer never could or even tried to give an analysis for Jew mentality and place within large scheme of things cultural. Hence he ("Blood" the screaming psycho) never could provide a plan, though he promised his readers he would--which promise he soon forgot, the pansy, brainless, little bastard.

So GOOD RIDDANCE, "James Blood," utterly useless psychotic scum--u're worse than useless, u thieving, destructive psychopath who stole my site. I hope u get run over by a truck, flatter than a pan-cake, u disgrace to the human race. Honest elections and death to the Fed.


  1. LOL, no one even reads your nonsense. This blabbering gibberish would piss me off a little after I have warned you to keep your mouth shut but I am laughing too hard.

    I won't even waste time destroying you for this as I see that you are doing an epic job of destroying yourself. I can't believe you to be sane, if you are sane you are surely a jewish provocateur. There is no way you can't see what you are doing, no fucking way.

    The thing is, if you aren't a jew, everyone out here believes you to be either a jew or quite insane. Keep it up, no one takes you seriously at all anymore.

    Hey, maybe you really are just a syphilitic self-hating jew. Either way, you are one miserable pile of shit and I am sure your life is quite a miserable living hell. LOL Divine justice, what a bitch!

  2. Hey--took u long enough to answer up, bitchy punk.

    "Destroying" me?--like u "destroyed" the kikes, eh? Ha ha ha ha. What happened to ur (but really, my) site, dumb-ass?--just lost interest, eh?--it was really u who wasn't getting any readers, eh?

    "Can't see what [I'm] doing"?--tell me all about it, dip-shit.

    So u know what "everyone out here believes"?--ha ha ha ha ha. I guess u have magical powers of E.S.P., eh, dipshit? U're brilliant--as always. Ha ha ha ha ha. A.

  3. OK genius, name on ally or friend you have, just one. You can't because everyone despises you, those who don't soon will just like everyone else does. Name one site that has pleasant things to say about you? Isn't it a bit odd that there aren't any, not even one?

    You are so full of yourself and your irrelevant bullshit you can't see past the keyboard. Who cares anyway? Stay here in this playpen and masturbate yourself with your supposed intellectual efforts. No one fucking cares. No one!

    I did not close the site moron, the site was closed by others. Take a fucking guess as to why. When you have readers and are reaching people you make real enemies with teeth, something you'll never find out about because everyone sees you as an irrelevant, delusional joke.

    Keep it up fuckwad, keep it up. stew in your own bullshit, no one cares what you say or what you think, you are only screwing yourself. Step out of your own bullshit playpen and take a look for yourself after you clean up, your present tactics are all wrong. Don't listen to me, just keep playing in your own shit here, hopefully you drown or choke in it.