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Friday, August 13, 2010

Note reality and history are DETERMINED (no "free" will), hence CYCLIC, and we must plan accordingly--Jews are simply parasite disease-of-opportunity

CYCLIC Nature Of History Precludes "Free" Will Delusion
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 10)

Hello Incog: Sad thing about old Curt Maynard, eh? See, "Interstate Slasher...," 12 Aug 10.

Well Incog, to re-summarize things for us--our problem is un-questionably having to do w. Jews, for one thing, undoubtedly, but they're not all, as they're mere "active agents"--a disease-of-opportunity--taking advantage of a condition upon which they merely capitalize, but don't cause themselves.

Thus we must examine these conditions of culture and history, I submit. For note reality is DETERMINED (in accord w. absolute cause-effect)--there being no perfectly "free" human will, the prime human delusion, foundation to basic "sin" of hubris.

For that pre-condition which initially welcomes Jews is HUBRIS of the host, now victim, gentiles--which persuades gentiles in first place that they can and should tolerate Jews, a FATAL mistake. Jews then are rather a disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of a cultural-societal weakness or sickness which precedes Jews--that afore-mentioned HUBRIS of gentiles who imagine now they're enjoying (false) "prosperity" of MAMMON false god, I submit.

So u see, as physicians of a sick society, we must treat the society so that it ceases to afford the Jew parasite disease their opportunities to thrive.

One circumstance that will surely help us, as we observe accurately, is that as Jews succeed, they being parasites, the host-victim will necessarily and inevitably recede, affording now over-populated Jew parasites less to live off of, the Jews now tending to fall-out among themselves--as we rather see. For there are "left"/"liberal" Jews (behind the United Nations [UN] of CFR-Bilderberg, fronted by Obama/Soetoro), and "rightist"-styled Jews of Israel and "neo-cons" who are allied w. "Judeo-Christian" (JC) gentiles (see below note on JCs).

So u see Incog, it's really much a CYCLIC sort of condition, in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--when gentiles get too over-populated, "prosperous," and hubristic it naturally draws in Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity which then de-populates gentiles. But note that very same (CYCLIC) process eventually, inevitably works against Jews too, as gentiles recede, Jew parasites now over-populated.

So Incog, what I emphasize to u and ur associates and fans here is u must eliminate ALL JEWS--there are no "good Jews" anymore than there are "good Talmudists" (see and for best Talmudic expo), or "good psychopaths."

And u must eliminate all gentiles who are allied w. Jews too--and this is crux to present struggle, esp. Jews' most powerful weapon, the JC (see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, who say Christ was Jew, hence Talmudist (which Talmud Christ repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref. on 9-11). JCs are most sublime traitors, though most of them are really dupes.

Thus gentiles can unite upon premise/principle of ANTI-SEMITISM--but naturally, it needs a positive, unifying cover, this then called "Christianity"--which never forget has a history of success even though it presently is so thoroughly subverted, traduced, and infiltrated by means especially of Jew-masterminded COUNTERFEITING of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) scam/fraud--see for expo/ref.

Thus we can now perceive and discern opposed ANTI-THESES, Jew lies and conspiracy vs. Christian TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8), this converting and translating in strict philosophic terms to Jew subjectivism (highly collectivized) vs. Western reason founded upon Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY, the necessary premise/criterion to truth.

CONCLUSION: For practical purposes, the great error of presently demoralized gentiles is imagined idea they possess a perfectly "free" will--which then falls into the Jew trap of subjectivism by which they deceive gentiles so brilliantly. Presently we're still in the down-turn, "decline" phase of CYCLIC historical process--dumb gentiles are still too over-populated at present, I'm afraid. US Dollar must still register a CRUSHING collapse, USA turned into a third-world nation, most emphatically, with rampant starvation and serious civil unrest yet impending. Good luck. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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