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Friday, April 4, 2014

Butt-hurt Johnny Friend tells apster he won't publish ap's comments any longer, find another site, ho ho ho ho ho ho

Well folks: say good-bye to John Friend (, the girly-baby who pretends he's such defender of white people, ho ho ho ho ho.  Here's latest e-mail I got from him, today:

"Thanks for your comments but..."  --this was what he wrote on the SUBJECT line of msg; he then followed, in the msg body with:

"... I will not be publishing any more of them in the future.  Find another site to comment on.


"John"            --to which I just say, HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO--good riddance, u little half-assed weakling, ho ho ho ho ho ho.  See my comments on John Friend at Apr 2 blog, below.


I actually responded, asking, "What's problem?--can't u say?"

Of course, the little girly-baby did not reply further, ho ho ho

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So who does John Friend imagine he really is?

I guess Friend got around to reading my earlier blog on him for 2 Apr, couple days ago, eh?--Or, maybe he just can't stand criticism of Christian Identity which pretends "white people" are the real, true descendents of Biblic "Israelites," for whom there's no evidence aside fm the text of the Bible--who knows?--who cares?--esp. about such a little weakling and girly-baby--he's obvious loser, suffering hubris and "Peter Principle" incompetence, as noted.

One thing I have to say and observe about Friend is how he uses the word, "superficial," in his radio-broadcasts, these broadcasts being his main claim to fame, it seems, he also being subsidized by American Free Press (ck, at least for advertising plugs, he being fairly articulate for his verbal expo which comes-off fairly effectively over the radio.

For Friend is actually quite superficial, as anyone can see by his comments on his own blog, making so many assertions without substantiation, etc.--he can't figure out it's not good to doing this asserting, asserting, etc., ho ho ho.

Friend likes to throw buzz-word, "usury," around, imagining it does him or anyone any good; he also likes to use the sanctimonious "good" and "evil" epithets as if these accomplish anything.  Friend really isn't too bright.

And as I noted, Friend has difficulty making practical, strategic use of Christianity--so, he's quite the loser, everything considered, and it's no wonder Jews of AFP (owned and controlled by Mark Lane, Jew shyster), noted above, subsidize him, he bringing-along a few air-heads who also think they're such champions of white folk, ho ho ho ho ho

"Another one bites the dust."

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