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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Get a clue, suckers--it's Christ (TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH) above all/any or Pharisaism ("good")--and it's either-or, one or the other, can't be both....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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It's Either-Or: Pharisaism Or Truth (Christ)
(Apollonian, 12 Apr 14)

Of course, there are lots of ref.s for libertarianism, and good authorities (meaning people who do best job of exposition), perhaps the best would be Murray Rothbard.  But basically, as I understand, libertarianism considers gov. as it proceeds fm strict reason.

Hence libertarians typically and most often evoke the original American Constitutional achievement as practical ideal--and then there are lots of actual American sources who lived at the time--like T. Jefferson, John Adams, and many others too.  Federalist Papers are another great source of practical consideration upon gov.

Philosophically, the immediate references for original Americans would be John Locke and Thomas Hobbes by which we have the CONTRACT theory--a good idea, I think.

But Magus: the ABSOLUTELY fatal flaw about u, personally, is u ALWAYS work to intrude moralism/Pharisaism within ur expositions which then totally subverts all the rest of ur otherwise creditable logic and reason.  And u imagine this moralist sanctimony is excusable by means of a redundancy in ur logic--it's "good" to think "good" is real or something that actually exists or can be understood in an objective manner.

U simply refuse to grasp "good" is just a conceit--a justification/rationalization for inferiority-complex by which u're always trying to prove urself "worthy."  Further, for practical purposes, u also refuse to face fact this non-existent "good" and Pharisaism is just excuse for BULLYING.

U pretend u're Christian, yet u pontificate exactly like a Pharisee, the murderers of Christ (TRUTH).  U don't seem to grasp basic principle of Christianity that Christian ARE NOT "GOOD"--rather, Christians are sinners, doomed to heck, and cannot do without God's grace and mercy for salvation.

Thus for example, u hold w. the worst enemies of USA, Christianity, and all humanity--Israel--and spout their lies and propaganda, to wit, that Iran is some kind of enemy of people of USA, that they cannot be allowed to have nukes, etc.--it doesn't seem to occur to u u're acting as mere flunky for Jews/Israel--aside fm fact this is actual TREASON.

The worst enemy of TRUTH (Christ) is "good," synonym for Pharisaism--and u need to CHOOSE btwn "good"--Pharisaism--or Christ (TRUTH)--it's either-or.  All ur problems about libertarianism would be cleared-up, I'm sure, if u could only get over this horrific--and absolutely fatal--obsession w. Pharisaism/"good."

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