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Monday, April 14, 2014

Cops--they're a bunch of scum--those who aren't scum are the exceptions who will be washed-out--and we don't have to be "polite" to cops who are public servants....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Cops Need To Get Wise
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 14)

Magus: note the latest developments, the cops being militarized and federalized, many sent to Israel to learn how to treat the people/citizenry, who pay cops' wages, like occupied prisoners.

Don't give me stupid lies about "terrorists"--these were supplied and armed by ZOG--they weren't Arabs or Moooslims who did 9/11, they were Israelis and suck-alongs in CIA and FBI who gave the so-called "hi-jackers" (just fall-guy/patsies) the pass-ports even when the State dept. employees, on the spot at the time, objected.  It was ZOG who did the poison-gas attacks just a few months ago in Syria--it was ZOG who hired the snipers who killed the cops in Ukraine, just now a couple weeks ago.

Cops are regularly video'd lying to citizens, assaulting them, cursing the citizens, violating the rights of the citizens--THIS IS THE PROGRAM--u need to getting a clue.

U cops are just thugs w. badges and wearing uniforms, regardless the dumber ones who might not be so enthusiastic for their Jew-training and psycho-programming.

Magus: reality is what it is (objectivity)--REGARDLESS what u wish it is (subjectivism).  Cops are the enforcers for ZOG at war w. the people, the world over.  Cut the crap--quit fooling urself--FOR UR OWN GOOD.  We the people don't need u doing us any favors--at best, u're just an employee of the people.  And we're gonna deal w. ZOG, don't doubt.

It's ur place to be polite to us, the people, regardless how we are, harassed by u thugs w. badges--WE DON'T HAVE TO BE "POLITE" TO U, OUR SERVANTS.  U better get a clue, comrade--to save ur life, seriously.

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