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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Anti-Racist Pharisaism: perfect RELIGION in Mammon-worshipping, ZOG-dominated "Decline of the West"--captures attn of all the scummy, brainless puke--esp. the phony, half-ass "Christian" filth

Pharisaist Anti-Racism: Sure-Fire Diversion For Mammon Culture In Western "Decline..."
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 14)

By golly, ZOG never rests, does it?  Now, have u hrd latest on "racism" front?--ho ho ho ho.  Turns out the kike who owns the L.A. Clippers (NBA team) said something "racist"--see

So what do u think?--did the kike really say that?--and if he did, wasn't it just what the doctor ordered?  What if the kike DIDN'T say it, but it's now made-out that he did?--ho ho ho--what diff. would it make?--for it's just what ZOG wants and needs, eh?

Notice how the kike is made to be rather the fall-guy for this incident--after all, no Christian or gentile is rich enough to own an NBA team, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Get it?--racism--or anti-racism--is the goddam RELIGION, right along now w. anti-antisemitism, "tolerance" and "diversity"--all this brainless puke oriented to whom?--dumbass "metro-sexuals" and their close relatives among "normal" people, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) scum and the rest of the phony, half-assed "Christians" who are sooooooooooo idiotically affected by these Jew-worshipping JC puke, filth, and traitors.

And of course, this incident gives Obongo the chance to re-assert his "credibility" as a "moral"-leader, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho--how brainlessly, putridly sickening can it get?  "Credibility"?--for who?--queers, niggers, morons, scum, and JC puke--these are the "people," the real people of USA?--are u kidding?

And all the rest of us are supposed to be sooooooo impressed by this "anti-racist" puke?

Such then is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, comrades--the only solution to it is the REAL Christianity--anti-semitism, suckers.  And if u're NOT anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, comrade, never doubt.

Such then is the fake religion--PHARISAISM, esp. in guise of anti-racism--having taken over in mammon-worshipping ZOG empire; it will continue long as US Dollar continues to be accepted as payment for goods and svcs.  Even after dollar collapses there will be chaos, induced by ZOG, esp. in way of wars they're already ginning-up.

Anti-racism Pharisaism, sure-fire distraction against such as the Bundy situation vs. BLM scum--and it works soooooooooooooo brilliantly in the land of ZOG filled w. puke, queers, scum, filth, and over-populated goyim pretending to "moralism."


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    Racism Is Virtue--LOYALTY To People

    Tiger that flies: are u missing the pt.?--so what Bundy is racist?--isn't racism just LOYALTY to one's people?--so what's wrong w. that?

    Don't u get it?--u're just being suckered into denouncing something that's actually a virtue--LOYALTY to one's race--racism.

    Anti-racism is just a phony religion--same as "tolerance" and "diversity," phony "virtues" in the present Mammon culture of putridity and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    Who embraces anti-racism as virtue?--no one except queers, Jews and their fellow-travelers and sympathizers who need to be exterminated--esp. the Judeo-Christian filth who back terror-state of Israel, the most powerful, single gentile interest group, so well-funded and supported by the Jew money-masters.

    And what a perfect diversion fm the real situation regarding Bundy vs. BLM, eh?--the individuals against big-bro. state, big-bro. justified precisely by means of such phony religion and Pharisaist anti-racism.

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