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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

E. Michael Jones: excellent case-in-pt. for the idiot, muddledness of "patriots," dissidents, "truthers," etc., well demonstrating basis of dis-organization of people against ZOG

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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E. Michael Jones: Does Well Pointing-Up Problems Just For Basic Defintions Of Terms
(Apollonian, 1 Apr 14)

Well John, I listened to the whole int.--good job by u as interviewer, as usual.  But I gotta say: I DON'T LIKE THIS GUY, Jones--and note I read a couple of his works, at least, including "Jewish Rev. Spirit," which I thought was interesting, but missing and lacking for necessary substance.

For one thing, as I've noted to u on previous blog-articles, Jones seems to have serious problem for "usury" and understanding what it really, actually is in essence--IT'S NOT JUST CHARGING INTEREST, which is perfectly honorable undertaking and product of agreement btwn contracting parties.

"Usury," in order to really mean anything in the way it is held in such opprobrium for the ancient writings whence we derive the term, only described, never defined satisfactorily, must have to do w. what we today observe as "central-banking" and fractional-reserve banking--whence "money" is printed-up, also nowadays digitalized, this "money" actually better understood as "fiat-money," COUNTERFEIT substitutes for real commodity money like gold and silver.

This fiat-money can be issued as debt, as it is today by US Federal Reserve, or not--but either way the commercial banks get hold of it and end-up lending it, even at low int. rates.  The PROBLEM then is the inevitable INFLATION of prices which demands the waves of this fiat-money be curtailed, sooner or later, and when this necessary DEFLATION happens the loans, even at the low int. rates, CANNOT BE RE-PAID for the obvious reason of drastically reduced quantity of "money" in circulation available for repayment of the loans.

Jones NEVER BOTHERS to explain or even indicate he understands any of this about the obligatory inflation requiring cold-turkey -type deflation which then bankrupts the poor suckers who contracted the loans--REGARDLESS of the int. rate.  And note--EVEN IF THERE WAS NO INTEREST CHARGED, the loans would fail due to the deflation!!!!!--this is what people (like Bill Still and Ellen Brown) overlook so easily about the fiat-money system.

CHARGING OF INTEREST IS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT the main problem.  Fiat-money system is doomed regardless of any charging of interest simply for the obligatory inflation problem.
Then Jones talks about "capitalism" (which is actually just FREEDOM and free-market) which he additionally fails to understand or define in any meaningful manner.

Then he says, sucking along w. the "Vatican" (which is NOT same as CHURCH, properly understood), there's something wrong w. anti-semitism--which is totally false, though of course, as always, definitions are necessary.

For I ALWAYS want Jews to understand I'm absolutely anti-semitic as THEY, Jews, understand and define the term--anti-Jew.  And yes, I know all about Arabs being semites too, etc., etc.--and the Christian Identity people (at least some of them) pretend THEY'RE semites, etc., etc.

Then there's the "RACISM" issue--so what's wrong w. racism?--it's just LOYALTY, by definition, as anyone can see by ck-ing the dictionary.

I'm very FRUSTRATED to listen to a muddle-head like Jones.  Indeed, there's the basic issue of WHAT Christianity stands for in first place--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all/any--hence the objective reality, necessary criterion for such truth--AGAINST Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) founded in subjectivism ("what's good for Jews").

So u see, there's serious problems, like w. Jones, among others too, for the superficial understanding and usages of basic terminology which, when left un-defined, only promotes great and serious difficulties for necessary coming-together, alliance, and cooperation of gentiles against these Jew monsters who are continuing to push forward w. their genocidal (ck AGENDA-21) Jew world order.  JONES DOES NOT HELP.  On contrary, Jones just continues and compounds the muddle.

So John, that's why I'd like to urge u to have a radio show whence we can just simply clear-up and clarify the terms I indicate above--because it's necessary, for reasons I give, and the problem is truly serious for grasping and comprehension of basic terms, thoughts, treatment, and concepts.  It would be good to have people calling-in to help us take-on any other problems for definition and usage too, I think.

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