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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Magus is hysterical Pharisaic desperately arguing for "good" and Israel--by way of condemning Snowden and ZOG-construct, "al qaeda," ho ho ho

Below by ap first published at comments,
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Is Magus Losing His Grip?
(Apollonian, 20 Apr 14)

Al Qaeda is/was a creation of ZOG--get a clue.  All the terrorism is done by ZOG as justification for their police-state run by attack-dogs such as u, magus.  Impressive flurry of hysterical blogs u've produced lately, we see--impressing mostly u, I'm sure, to persuade urself u're "good" and virtuous, no doubt.

But I don't think too many others are fooled by ur desperate "reasonings," such as they are.  Snowden observed the Constitution--which u don't understand in ur desperate effort to pretend u're good and virtuous.  At least Snowden had the guts to act in accord w. his understanding of Constitution--u can't even grasp it.

But let me reduce things to something u can understand in concrete manner.  I say u're an hysterical attack-dog, who unfortunately has access to something like a law-enforcement badge, and u're the sort who's obviously moved by the propaganda of an enemy, alien, and foreign nation--like Israel.  And that's all u're pushing--the prop. of a an enemy nation.  U don't fool anyone, I dare say, much beyond urself.

One of the signs of a disturbed mentality is the sort of abstraction-riddled language which approaches classic schizophrenia.  Go down the list of ur abstractions recited just in this blog:

(a) Begin w. ur thesis, "Lazy journalism requires scandals"  Ho ho ho, well, we understand the mass-corp. Jews-media and their purpose of confusing/distracting the people at same time as pimping for terror-state of Israel.  Too bad u're not able to detail or substantiate ur thesis; rather, u just add more generalities.

(b) "[E]asier to generate a story fm what is not known"?--what are u talking about?--can u give any examples?--just more assertion without substantiation--like ur entire article.

(c) "Turning what-ifs into headlines"?--another empty assertion--but u think u're actually saying anything, eh?

(d) After more babbling, u insist courts have declared NSA "legal"--so what?--they're corrupt and illegal ct.s in the first place, and u're wrong about the various decisions on the NSA acts; see

(e) "Disconnected, out-of-context arguments"?--that's what urs are, eh?--filled w. schizoid-type abstractions barely related to anything concrete that we can discern.

(f) Then u tell us how "despicable" it is that corrupt Congress people have to face the people they've betrayed and allowed illegal spying upon--u want them to brazen it out like ur Jew heroes always do, eh?  But magus, Jews don't have to get elected, u see--that's the diff.

(g) Then u give us this amazing statement which has to be quoted in full:

"A collapsing World Trade Center is of much less significance than the idea that NSA employees have bosses to answer to everyday, and those bosses want dead terrorists on their list of achievements, not the URLs of gay porn sites visited by congressmen."

I should let this sentence of urs stand by itself for the amazingly addled thought contained within, eh?  How could u possibly pretend to KNOW any of this (above-quoted)?

(h) But u're not finished, eh?--u gotta rave on, and u're on a roll:

"To people, in America, both Left and Right, there is a pervading mythology that society, security, culture and good government are held together by mysterious, invisible forces, akin to luck. That’s false."

U can read the minds of "people, in America," eh?  Ho hoo ho ho.

(i) The rest of ur text is just more babbling, nonsense, and propaganda.  The demonstrable and proven fact is al Qaeda was/is deliberate creation of ZOG, magus--but u're just going to ignore that, eh?

(j) Further, al Qaeda has been demonstrably aided, supplied, armed, and supported by ZOG and its allies, including Israel--al qaeda was used by ZOG in Libya, Iran, and now in Syria--CONTRARY to ur allegation about being "kept in check."

See magus, u're losing ur grip on reality, buddy--it begins and began, I guess, w. ur overwhelming inferiority-complex and nearly psychotic urge to pretend u're "good" and worthy--it's now come to holding w. enemy nations--like Israel--spouting their propaganda, and now, as we see, babbling in near schizoid abstractions w. hardly any connection to concrete reality--in fact, as we see in case of al Qaeda, AGAINST the proven facts of reality.

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