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Monday, April 7, 2014

Greatest exercises in HUBRIS--(a) "good" (b) smart, like kikes, ho ho ho, and (c) attractiveness and "beauty," like for the females....

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The Human Condition: Hubris And The Struggle Against It--A CYCLIC Process
(Apollonian, 7 Apr 14)

Mike: u gotta realize pretending one is (a) smart, like Jews, and (b) "good" are the usual, typical human exercises in vanity and HUBRIS--there's big money in all that--not unlike the money in women's cosmetics which purport to making them attractive.

Beginning problem is definition of the competent mentality, I'm sure--which is only ultimately answered by means of survival and survivability.  For having fun is surely part of surviving and continuing to force oneself to live within this putrid reality of pain, hardship, and Greek Tragedy.

For that's the greatest problem: HUBRIS (pretending one is God, w. perfectly "free" will, hence "good" and "smart," like Jews, ho ho ho), always has been, always will be.  Human comfort then is some success against this gross putrid hubris--but which can only be appreciated AFTER one has suffered this horrible hubris, evidently.

That's why death is ultimately the great comfort as one is finally finished w. all this travail, giving an ending for the great Greek tragedy which we call human life.

Think of it had dear unc' Adolf (Hitler) succeeded in exterminating those infernal Jew monsters--what would have happened?--a mixed-race bunch of monstrosities would have arisen up again, pretending they're God's "chosen," worshipping their putrid subjective reality, and would have started all over again, that's all.  Greek Tragedy is CYCLIC, much like Oswald Spengler described in "Decline of the West."

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