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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ho ho ho--neo-cons insist Russia is huge, big "fascists" now--not a word about Jew S A and, like, latest drone murders in Yemen, ho ho ho

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Who Is Foremost Mass-Murderers?--It Ain't Russia--Try Jew-Controlled USA
(Apollonian, 22 Apr 14)

Magus: the primary fascist nations are un-questionably USA and Israel--Russia is mere side-show and, as always, all u're doing is pushing the usual, typical neo-con propaganda at behest of an enemy, foreign, alien nation, Israel.

Don't forget NATO, "coalition of willing," and esp. USA have already murdered millions now, just in Iraq, thousands more in Pakistan and Afgan, Libya, and Syria--did u hear about the drone strikes yest. in Yemen which murdered several non-combatants and civilians?  Russia isn't essentially any better (as in Chechnya), but their activities are far, far less on scale of things.

Ever hrd of "patriot act," NDAA, etc., etc., etc., the president now evermore LITERALLY ruling by decree and "executive order"?  Do u understand what Obongo-care is?--w. death-panels--they're just going to prescribe pills for everyone now, these pills pushed by Jew-owned big Pharma, eh?--ho ho ho.

And what's the big, overall plan?--it's world gov. in accord w. AGENDA-21 genocide, isn't it?  So we know Russia, as well as China too, is generally in accord w. this larger world gov. plan, but in meantime merely jockeying to maintain its influence.

And how then is the "big-plan" manipulated if not by the Jew-controlled banks, like US Fed, IMF, World Bank, and BIS?  What could be more "fascist" than AGENDA-21 genocide?

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