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Monday, April 28, 2014

Observe: War w. Russia on top of EMP & Solar flare scare, MERS (disease) break-out, on top of on-going Fukushima catastrophe--aside fm latest "racism" issue (ho ho ho)--all to help keep ZOG in power, never doubt

War With Russia Over Ukraine Is Totally Contrived For ZOG To Continue Rule
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 14)

Ck, where it's described so well the TOTALLY contrived "war" w. Russia over Ukraine.  So by means of this contrived war ZOG will continue to take rights of the people on grounds of "nat. security."  Don't doubt Putin is perfectly in league w. ZOG, see

Another option is an EMP attack or solar flare by which to destroy the electrical grid and in that way to removing the Inter-net.  See  And note yet another scare for fear-mongering is the MERS disease break-out in Saudi Arabia--see  And these are aside fm the on-going Fukushima catastrophe to keep people terrorized, eh?

So conclusion is ZOG is quite desperate--as one can already see regarding present race-hype over the LA Clippers kike-owner--and these above possibilities are the "options" ZOG is considering in order to continue its rule and existence.

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