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Saturday, April 26, 2014

ZOG and Jews got a problemo w. Cliven Bundy, eh?--so what do they do?--trot-out the old-reliable "racism" issue, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho--predictable as clock-work--and don't forget why/how

Racism Issue--Always Trotted-Out When Establishment Needs Diversion, Eh?  Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 26 Apr 14)

Comrades: just to keep u up-dated, so to speak, on latest twists upon old reliable themes, esp., for exemplary case-in-pt., RACISM, right?  Ho ho ho ho ho.

So u see this racism now pushed sooooooo brilliantly in the Cliven Bundy vs. BLM case/incident, further complicated by latest Alex Jones vs. Glenn Beck controversy--see

Isn't it amazing how "racism" is sooooooooooooooo tried-and-true, reliable, predictable, thematic, and effective for ZOG?

For ZOG thrives on the "good-evil" Pharisaic/Pelagian issue, in general, for which "good-evil" balderdash dear Alex Jones is soooooooooo reliable.  And "racism" then is the perfect, most brilliant emanation, practical application, eh?

Just mention the word, "racism," and watch the stupid puke, dip-shits, dumbasses, scum, and morons--MOST PEOPLE--fall all over themselves protesting to the high heavens that "ohhhhhhhh--they wouldn't dream of being racist," etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum, ho ho ho ho ho

This (about "racism"), when obvious, provable facts are: (a) racism is good/virtue--of loyalty--and (b) racism is AXIOMATIC--one cannot NOT be racist (loyal)--either to mixed or non-mixed race.

So we see once again how ANY political discussion is hi-jacked sooooooooo easily--by (a) racism issue, and the more fundamental (b) good-evil fallacy/delusion/heresy.

And observe it ("racism" issue) is used soooooooo brilliantly, predictably, and regularly to divert fm any other issue.  Note also there are other such issues always waiting too, like holohoax and anti-semitism.

So note, as in above case of Alex Jones, but also Ron Paul, et al., racism is there as a trump by which they will always be subject and victim, including, also always, "good-evil."

Thus the true and proper Christian soldier always answers to effect "good" is WORST ENEMY of highest Christian precept of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all any other tenet (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), this "good" and "noble lie" of Plato and Leo Strauss the vehicle of Jew Lies (JOHN 8:44) always trying to over-rule Christian TRUTH.

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