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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pastor Martin, hereticalist, wants it both ways, determinist AND perfect "free" will at same time

Martin Lindstedt Pretends, Like Jew, He Will Command God--Poor Deluded Fool
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 10)

Hello pastor Martin, u utterly psychotic, raving, white-nigger hill-billy fm the Ozarks who tries to persuade white people they may be descended fm "Israelite lost tribes." See below-copied at Thanks for addressing my question as u've done ur best to trying to do. U can see by below-copied dialectic w. "6Killer" u're unable to so prove such imagined descent fm "Israelites" or "lost tribes," whatever.

And that's the whole "ball-game" for u "Christian Israelites"--being able to prove or know this descent u pretend to and wish for, poor fool. See pastor, all u're doing is KIDDING URSELF, dumbass--ur problem is in kidding anyone else too. "Ten thousand warlords"?--u haven't got the slightest chance, not the faintest--u don't even have a SINGLE ONE.

And I see fm ur recently above-posted entry u find urself essentially admitting to determinism at least in part, affirming only u morons pretending to be descended fm "Israelites" (or "lost tribes," which u can't prove, but only wish for) are capable of that sublime and perfect, God-like "free" will--u certainly have a lively imagination--NO LESS THAN JEWS who pretend they're "chosen."

And tell us, pastor Martin--how are u dipshits any different fm Jews for ur idiotic self-righteousness and sanctimony?--eh?--tell us, do.

But don't u see, dumbass pastor Martin, racialism IS ITSELF NECESSARILY DETERMINISTIC in the first place. So I guess u consider it determined u're capable of a perfect, God-like "free" will--

"So now to Determinism vs Free Will. I, as a Son of God, as a Christian Israelite, have Free Will as to whether I will choose, wiser than Adam, as to whether I will die or earn Eternal Life. Us higher human beings have that option."

U're surely "high" on something--that's for certain--most probably brain-damage induced by drugs. Thus u admit to determinism--u only carve out an exception for urself by which u make urself equal w. God almighty.

But I have news for u, dipshit--ONLY GOD--ONLY GOD WILL "CHOOSE," u utterly, pathetic, deluded fool. U can wish and hope and pray and dream and beg and plead--BUT ONLY GOD WILL CHOOSE, u utterly brainless moron.

For if God doesn't choose--THEN U'RE GOD, aren't u?--for u're the only one "choosing" who matters, right?--and God?--well, he's just ur flunky-slave, isn't he?

So I say again: Christianity is worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and everyone and anyone is a Christian capable of eternal life so long as he or she is HONEST and heeds to that truth given and founded by means of the God-given OBJECTIVE (hence Aristotelian) reality.

CONCLUSION: And this formulation of mine is founded in Gosp.s of MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9. People can figure things out for themselves. U, pastor Martin, are gross LIAR, no less than Jews, as u make urself God w. pretended, perfectly "free" will, by ur own, above-quoted and -noted admission. U imagine God is merely ur slave, that's all. And u pretend to manufacture reality when u say u're descended fm Israelites--which is absurd--as u CANNOT PROVE it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------below-copied fm, "The World we live in," "Hanging w. white Mormons" thread-----------
Today 12:33 AM apollonian Christ is for everyone willing to heed to truth, honesty

Christ Is For Everyone Willing To Be Honest
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 10)

Okay "6Killer," I maybe mere Hibernian, but u admit u can't even begin to prove white European descent fm "Israelite lost tribes." So much then also for the pretended "covenant" w. ur people--Christ is for EVERYONE who's willing to be HONEST (unlike white nigger like u) and heed to TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Yesterday 11:47 PM 6KILLER Quote:Originally Posted by apollonian
"6Killer's" Enthusiasm For Israelite Derivation Of European Whites Fades
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 10)
Righto "6Killer," white-trash, white nigger--blah, blah, blah, blah, saying nothing, as usual. "6Killer" KNOWS he can't even begin to proving European whites descend fm "Israelite lost tribes." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Yeah, but I'm still descended from nobility while you descended from an intoxicated bastard hibernigger, who miscegenated with the livestock and begat your sorry ass. Just because you are the first in your family to obtain an edjewcashun from the whigger factory, you think you are now entitled to dictate religious and political doctrine. My kind have gave the orders and told your kind what to do for the last 6500 years. Appy my maternal grandfather spoke Frisian, I speak English seems to me that's an example of language changing in a couple generations.

-----------------above by Ap, including copied material, in response to below-copied--------

Today 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by appy the Tiresome papist Hybernigger Half-wit
Just Answer The Question, Pastor--Will You Command God?
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 10)
So Pastor Martin, tell the folks--do u think u have such perfect "free" will, like a Jew, as to be able then to doing such "good works" as to DEMAND a place in Heaven fm God Almighty?
Does God almighty OWE pastor Martin for his "good-works"? Tell us. U sure can babble and rave and rail away--but just answer a simple question--will u COMMAND God to giving u a place in Heaven? Honest elections and death to the Fed.
ApollonianAppy, you deranged Pictish/Tubal-kenite popish Hybernigger half-wit/ass-clown, I've actually learned a lot from jewr antics, because it has forced me to not only look at the origins of Christian Israelite Law, but the origins of jewr Babylonian baal-priestery. I've given you links so that you can learn, but like that stupid cunt Alison, you don't do links. You are just like jewr kike and nigger forebears: The White Man is supposed to wait on you degenerates hand and foot and be slaves to degenerate ill-bred mamzers like jewrself and jewr tribes-mamzers.
So, like I tell these religious wogs when I learn what they supposedly believe, be they evolutionists (I agree that they have devolved from niggers and monkeys), jewhovah shitnesses, or mor[m]ons, or Jainite Dravidian niggers, I place them in a hypothetical situation according to they's own 'beliefs' which are racially derived, and then watch them squirm.
Now Pastor John Britton has been calling me asking what to say to what he believes is a tainted Canaanite/Tubal-kenite/Hittite Tuatha-de-Dumbshit Formosian papist sheenie Hybernigger that thinks it is some sort of je[w]suit. I told him that nothing less than full dunking in the boiling piss of the Swede would do, to simply ridicule the fool like is done to all such vermin. I've given him some one-liners, and then 6Killer wastes time trying to teach a lying mamzer who instinctively hates Christian Identity teachings something which jewr kind will never learn.
Salvation is only for Christian Israel. You obey the Law of YHWH written on the Israelite's heart and through grace and works you develop faith as well as obedience, and thus you earn eternal life. Faith without works is dead; cf James Chapter 2. But all our righteousness on our own is nothing more than 'filthy rags' as Paul taught. In jewr case, Appy, filthy menstrual rags.
But for this process to work, you must be of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob-Israel. If you have a heaping helping of mamzer shit in jewr blood-line, then you will not have the ability to prevail. Pastor John Britton's father, Pastor James Britton did a study as to you hyberniggers. Some of are Israel. Some are lesser of Israel. And a lot of you have a taint in the bloodline which explains jewr kind, Appy.
So now to Determinism vs Free Will. I, as a Son of God, as a Christian Israelite, have Free Will as to whether I will choose, wiser than Adam, as to whether I will die or earn Eternal Life. Us higher human beings have that option.
You, Appy, as a hybernigger papist mamzer with a strong stench of Pictish/Tubalkenite/shithead mamzer, have nothing but destiny to die, like a jew, like a dog, like a hybernigger tubalkenite. And thus Determinism rules your fate because there is no way you can learn that which is Sacred, and thus no way for you to be Saved.
Wasting time in trying to teach you that which is Holy is feeding the dirty mangy dogs and dropping pearls before filthy swine.
Which I haven't done. I've merely told you the rudiments of Christian Identity Orthodoxy, same as I would tell a jew or a whigger or a mamzer. Only Christ can choose you to live. If I am wrong and Christ has chosen you, I'll be a little pissed, so I hope you have learned nothing and will die like a screaming dog or squealing pig in the Great Tribulation. But I am sure that you are a dirty jew mamzer papist hybernigger and am glad that you will die in ignorance except for that spark of jew which keeps you pharisaically bothering me like jewr kin used to bother Jesus Christ.
When it comes down to it, you can't hide the snout or the tail or the hide, Appy. Your kind jewst got to play with the Sons of YHWH, just as the spawn of Satan pharisees did with Christ back in the day, cf.John 8:44. And Christ would answer jewr kike pharisee whigger and Edomite mamzer forebears and they too would refuse to understand. As does jewrself, Appy. Deliberately so. Christ was talking as to what Christianity was all about, not to these pharisees, but through the pharisees to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, which Christ would find and call at Christ's discretion. Accordingly, Christianity is only for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, cf. Matt 10:5-6, 15:24. The Twelve Disciples, sans Judas Iscariot, were sent to the scattered Lost Tribes. Paul was sent to the Gentiles, and since Gentiles meant in Latin 'Nations' then Paul was sent to the 'Aryan Israelite Nations' of the Greeks and Romans.
And far from us Sons of YHWH commanding YHWH or Christ to save us, it is Christ who chooses to save the former 'Lost' Israelite, upon whose heart is written YHWH's Law, and upon that spiritual awakening/conception the journey towards Eternal Life begins because the newly conceived starts to grow in both Faith and Knowledge and thus is saved. Thus Christ calls the Christian Israelite, and thus the Christian Israelite earns Eternal Life.
But this is not given something White/Christian/Holy of great price like you dirty stinking jews, mamzers, niggers and worthless commodity cheese-eating whiggers demand of God and the White Man, which given cheaply jewr kind will waste and shit upon when stupidly given by jewdayo-whiggers.
Something your kind will never be able to understand, although a tubalkenite hybernigger orc like jewrself will understand enough to hate and fear it, Appy. Curse you and begone.
You see, as a Pastor to the Lost, then Found, Sheep of the House of Israel, I need not know anything more than to keep Christ's Sheep alive and how to game the events so as to make the non-Israelite die when Nature takes its course. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is the White Man's Racial (HATE) Religion and thus never steps on its own theological tail.
Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


  1. Wow, on and on it goes. You make enemies of every single person you run across who was kind enough to allow you to post your nonsense.

    Why you would even bother wasting any time trying to talk sense into delusional loons like these turds is beyond me; it's also beyond me as to why I am wasting mine with you-but I have an excuse, this is entertainment!

    Now Apo, you have some good things to say, why not say them and gently mention that what gives you strength to go on fighting the good fight is you personal religious convictions? This gives you credibility and might lure the reader for pm's for further inquiries on this and help gain you some potential converts.

    I don't know why some of you extremist religious types fail to understand that most readers not only resent being beaten with the Jesus stick but will simply tune you out as a religious wacko after more than a few mentions of that sort of hysteria. This isn't my opinion but a fact.

    Would Jesus want you to turn everyone you encounter off to him and make them cringe at his name and turn him into a sour note in any dialog?

    You have to know this is what you're doing. If you want to talk religion then start a church. I have my doubts as to your sincerity of your supposed faith. It sure seems that your seeds of discontent you have thrown around have been purposeful and not the work of a bumbling Johnny-rotten-seed.

    Either find a new way of attraction followers to your god or take a flight back to Tel-Aviv and get some retraining on how to become better at your psy-op, you are presently failing miserably in both efforts.

    Anyway, I am still waiting for your god to throw down a few lightening bolts in my direction as punishment for my blasphemy but I have faith common sense that it will never happen.

    I do have a serious question. As a salesman for Jesus I want to know what I get for faith in him. Seriously, besides all the clap-trap and bs I want to know what I get as a reward for faith in him. What is heaven and why should I want it? Call it blasphemy or call it whatever you want, but just what the hell do I get in the end as a reward for my endurance in absurdity?